Persona 5: The Phantom X Interview With Persona Series Creative Director, Concept Art


Update (2023-03-22): Updated concept art with direct images.

The mobile game Persona 5: The Phantom X was recently announced, as an RPG based on Persona 5 developed in collaboration between Sega and Atlus, and the Chinese gaming company Perfect World Games.

With the upcoming closed beta test on March 29th, Perfect World Games has conducted an interview with Atlus’ Kazuhisa Wada, the producer and creative director behind the Persona Team.

On Persona Series Support

Wada begins the interview by thanking Chinese fans of Persona 5. He says that the reason the Persona series, including P5, has been able to last over 25 years is thanks to the support and love of the players.

On P5X Development

Wada’s main role on the development of Persona 5: The PHantom X was its overall direction and supervising its core content. He also supervised the animation and art design. He mentions that this is the first spin-off of the Persona 5 series that has been developed by an overseas team, so there were inevitable difficulties when it came to language and creative tendencies during the production process.

Despite the complications that arose during development and supervision, Wada asserts that Perfect World Games have been hard at work to genuinely respond to the supervision criticisms and necessary modifications during production. They’ve been patient in communicating every detail with the supervision staff of P Studio to ensure that the final product would reflect the game both studios desired to make.

A Persona 5: The Phantom X screenshot of Shibuya.

On P5X Main Character Design

Wada states that his favorite character in P5X would be the game’s protagonist, designed by character designer Shigenori Soejima. Wada believes that the P5X protagonist preserves the consistent high quality of the protagonists throughout the Persona series, and that there is a distinct contrast between his ordinary clothes and his Phantom Thief outfit, which fits the game’s world view and its themes. Wada hopes that players will witness the protagonist’s growth in the game.

The protagonist’s persona, Jánošík, was also designed by Soejima, and Wada says that he really likes its unique weapons. In terms of the art, Jánošík subtly incorporates the characteristics of Soejima’s archetypal characters, and is very consistent with the protagonist’s art design. Wada hopes players will like it.

On P5X Music and Original Songs Featuring Vocalist Lyn

Music has always been one of the Persona series’ highlights. So as a new game in the P5 IP, P5X will also bring a large number of original music tracks. Wada states that P5X’s original songs follows Persona 5‘s music style, while also incorporating elements from pop and rock music. The lead signer for P5, Lyn, will also be featured in these performances.

P5X Protagonist Concept Art


Video Interview

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