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[Rumor] Persona 5’s Akechi Wears a Plague Doctor Mask as a Thief, Demo Details

Players who took part in the Persona 5 "Premium Experience Demo" report that Akechi Goro might wear a plague doctor mask as a Phantom Thief.

[Rumor] Persona 5 Release Date to be Between August 18 and September 30

Japanese blog ore-no-web4th well known for their regularly accurate information leaks through vague hints seems to be hinting at Persona 5's release date.

Rumor: Potential Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Localization Content Changes

Some potential localization changes made to Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE from its Japanese release have been spotted, following the March 2016 Nintendo Direct.

Rumor: New Vanillaware Game ‘Thirteen Mecha-Soldier Defense Zone’ to be shown at TGS 2015...

Found through the source code of Sega's recently launched TGS 2015 website, a new game from Vanillaware has possibly been leaked.

Rumor: Persona 4: Dancing All Night to Be Shown by Atlus USA Soon

A few hints here and there seem to imply that Atlus USA is in the process of actively localizing Persona 4: Dancing All Night, that...

‘New School RPG’ Developed by Former Megami Tensei Staff to be Announced on June...

A "New School RPG" developed by former Megami Tensei and Shin Megami Tensei staff is set to be announced on June 10, 2021.

Persona Related Website Domain ‘P5AG’ Removed, Others Inluding ‘P5U’ Renewed

In early 2017 and late 2018, Atlus registered several Persona related website domains through their marketing business partner, Ryu's Office. Some of these domains were indications...

Shin Megami Tensei V ‘Megaten5.jp’ Official Domain Name Updated, Moved to Atlus Servers

The "MEGATEN5.JP" domain name registered by Atlus, presumably for Shin Megami Tensei V, has been updated for the first time in 3 years.

Persona 4 Golden Officially Released for PC via Steam

Following rumors, Atlus' former PlayStation Vita exclusive, Persona 4 Golden, has been released on PC via Steam on June 13, 2020.

Development Timeline for Persona Games Released After Persona 5

A timeline of the development cycles for the Persona games released after Persona 5, from Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight to Persona 5 Scramble.