Persona 1 Roundtable Interview with Atlus Luminaries


Via The Atlus Atlas, translator Thomas James has translated an interview dating back to 1998, featuring three important Atlus names from the past discussing the very first Persona game.

Persona Digital Collection (1998)
Persona Digital Collection (1998)

Pictured above is the Megami Ibunronku Persona Digital Collection (or Revelations: Persona Digital Collection), a CD-ROM released for Windows 95 in 1998 (via P1scans). Pertaining to Persona 1, this is “a collection of minigames, quizzes, and generally goofy stuff.”

The release also included a book—the Persona World book—which contained an interview featuring three significant Atlus employees at the time (pictured in this post’s header image, from left to right): Cozy Okada (Atlus founder and Shin Megami Tensei creator), Satomi Tadashi (scenario writer) and Kazuma Kaneko (illustrator).

Freelance writer and translator Thomas James took the initiative to scanlate the aforementioned interview with the help of crowdfunding on January 9th, 2015, and the translated interview has finally been completed.

Thomas’s scanlations of the interview, which talks extensively about the inspirations behind the very first game in the Persona series, its characters, its setting, and the thoughts of the original developers, can be found below (click on them for higher resolution):

Persona 1 Scanlation 1 Persona 1 Scanlation 2 Persona 1 Scanlation 3 Persona 1 Scanlation 4 Persona 1 Scanlation 5 Persona 1 Scanlation 6Make sure to visit The Atlus Atlas for additional translator notes and other information concerning the scanlations, from the one responsible for them.

The Atlus Atlas, P1scans