Persona 25th Anniversary x Fernandes Guitar, Shachihata Stamps, Bushiroad Trading Card Collaborations Announced


Three new pieces of collaboration merchandise have been announced to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Persona series: a guitar and guitar pick set with Fernandes, a stamp collection with Shachihata, and trading card supplies with Bushiroad.

Fernandes Collaboration

Fernandes Guitars is a Japanese guitar and accessory manufacturer. Two new listings have gone up on the Atlus D Shop revealing a collaboration with the company for the 25th anniversary of Persona, with a guitar and pick set.

Fernandes Collaboration Persona 25th Anniversary ZO-3 Guitar

The main design for the guitar features the school emblems of each mainlyine game in the series, iconography from the games, as well as the 25th anniversary logo.

It’s designed after the ZO-3, a mini-guitar designed with an “elephant” motif. According to Fernandes, its ease of use has made it many people’s favorite, and it has been awarded the “world’s best-selling guitar” by Guinness World Records. It has an amp and speaker built into its body, which allows it to easily be played anywhere.

It has an output jack allowing a connection with an external amplifier, and it is also equipped with a headphone jack.

Product Details

  • Material (Fingerboard): Laurel
  • Material (Body): Alder
  • Size: 31 cm x 91 cm x 9.5 cm
  • Weight: 3,900 g
  • Specs:
    • Neck: 609 mm Short Scale, 22F
    • Fingerboard: Laurel
    • Body: Alder, 55 mm
    • Controls: 1 Volume, 2Way Mini—SW (Power—SW)
    • Output: For Amplifier Jack x 1, For Headphone Mini Jack x 1
  • Packing: ZO-3 triangular box
  • Price: 66,000 yen
  • Release Date: Late August 2023
  • Atlus D Shop Page

Fernandes Collaboration Persona 25th Anniversary Model Pick Set

A model pick set for the 25th anniversary of the Persona series by Fernandes. It’s a set of 5 school emblem picks, featuring each of the mainline games. They can be used to either play music, or even collect them to display.

The Persona 25th Anniversary Fernandes Guitar pick set of 5 picks each with the mainline game school emblems.

Product Details

  • Material: Rigid PVC
  • Size: Approx. 33 mm (H) x 33 mm (W)
  • Packing: OPP bag
  • Price: 1,650 yen
  • Release Date: Late August 2023
  • Atlus D Shop Page

Shachihata Collaboration

Atlus has partnered with Shachihata, a company specializing in writing instruments and stamp related products, to produce Persona 25th anniversary related products.

Persona 25th Anniversary Name 9

Customers can create an original illustration stamp by combining their favorite characters, from Koromaru, Teddie, and Morgana, to the main characters from Revelations: Persona to Persona 5.

Persona 25th Anniversary stamp faces featuring each of the mainline game protagonists and the three mascots.

A stamp face can be made of combinations of up to 3 characters. The stamp face size is of 9.5 mm in diameter.

For the main body of the “Name 9” stamp, customers can pick among 5 colors to match each mainline game. On the body of each stamp is written “I am thou… thou art I…”

Persona 25th Anniversary stamp bodies.

Additionally, every time one purchases a “Name 9,” the customer will receive one rubber stamp featuring one’s favorite design amongst Morgana, Teddie, and Koromaru as a bonus.

Persona 25th Anniversary rubber stamps featuring Morgana, Teddie, and Koromaru.

Morgana, Teddie, and Koromaru faces featured on the Persona 25th anniversary stamps.

The stamps are scheduled to ship after December.

Persona 25th Anniversary Rubber Stamp Set of 6

As part of this collaboration, a set of 6 rubber stamps based on the school emblems from each mainline game along with the Persona 25th Anniversary logo is being sold.

The Persona 25th Anniversary rubber stamps featuring the 6 school emblems from the mainline games. The 5 school emblems from the mainline Persona games featured on the rubber stamps for the Persona 25th Anniversary.

The stamp face size is 30 mm x 30 mm.

Pre-orders for all Shachihata products will end on October 30, 2022. Pre-orders can be made on the company’s official website.

Bushiroad Collaboration

Collaboration merchandise with trading card company Bushiroad has also been announced for the 25th anniversary of the Persona series. This features sleeves, deck holders, storage boxes and rubber mats for use when playing trading card games.

All of the merchandise is scheduled for release on January 20, 2023.