Persona 3 and 4 meets BASS x BASS Album Samples


Following the release of the Persona 3 and Persona 4 meets BASS x BASS albums on August 24, 2016, publisher Mastard Records has uploaded short samples of every track in each album.

This follows the music videos and previous previews posted for the albums.

Persona 3 meets BASS x BASS


  1. Burn My Dread
  2. Unavoidable Battle
  3. When The Moon’s Reaching Out Stars
  4. Iwatodai Dorm
  5. Mass Destruction
  6. Master of Shadow
  7. Heartful Cry
  8. Changing Seasons
  9. The Battle for Everyon’s Souls
  10. Kimi no Kioku

Persona 4 meets BASS x BASS


  1. Pursuing My True Self
  2. Reach Out To The Truth
  3. I’ll Face Myself -Battle-
  4. Time To Make History
  5. True Story
  6. fog
  7. Junes Theme
  8. Reverie
  9. Heaven
  10. Never More

Product Details

  • Specifications: 1 CD each
  • Genre: Game music / Rock
  • Price: 2,188 yen each (including tax) / 1,980 yen (excluding tax)
  • Release Date: August 24, 2016
  • Publisher: Mastard Records


In 2010, Tetsuya Shinozaki, or the leader and base player of LOOP CHILD, made his major debut at Imperial Records. Bottom-Edge would later introduce “BASS X BASS” album rearrangements using certain techniques for songs in 2014, such as the one they did for “Swan Lake.”