Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night & Persona 5: Dancing Star Night Announced for PS4 & PS Vita, Spring 2018 Release

The official website for the two upcoming Persona dancing spin-off games for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita has gone up early, revealing that Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night will be released for the PlayStation Vita in Japan in Spring 2018.

This game was previously rumored through a domain registration and subsequent update from Atlus.

No additional information has been revealed, with the ongoing “Persona Super Live P-Sound Bomb!!!! 2017” live concert presumably ending with the game’s official announcement.


The official website has been launched, with the game being revealed at the Persona Super Live 2017 concert with two trailers.

Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night Trailer PV1

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Persona 5: Dancing Star Night Trailer PV1

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According to Famitsu, the producer for both games will be Kazuhisa Wada, the director will be Nobuyoshi Miwa, the composer will be Ryota Kozuka, and the character designer will be Shigenori Soejima.

A Famitsu extra issue was distributed to those who went to the concert shown during the “One-Night Only Persona Stalker Club V” live stream, via @RPGSite:

Opening Theme Preview from Persona Super Live 2017

The Art of Persona 5
Prima Games Prima Games (2017-06-27)

  • Exparagus


  • Bass

    Yuki comes back to life only to dance it off with death

    gg would buy

    • Alondate31

      Hahahaha exactly

      • Bass

        maybe now that we have cool new HD P3 tings
        A remake is being planned???


  • May_Patra

    Ugh. Why can’t they just leave the P3 cast alone?
    I can practically hear the protein jokes already.

    • Carlos Hernadez Rios

      they probably figured out how to free Door-kun just so he can participate in a dance battle

      • Asakura93

        It’ll be like Persona Q. Where it just somehow happens in the middle of the P3 story. Calling it now.

        • Toukitsune

          Hey maybe is Yuki’s fever dream.

      • Mesaphrom

        ” Why did you take me out!? Take me back! I DON’T WANNA BE FLADERAZED EVEN MORE”

        “What a beary weird bearson”


    • Shadowriver

      Now that P5 was a hit, there even more reasons to remind people about P3 and P4

  • Carlos Hernadez Rios

    WHy 2 games ? WHY 2 OF THIS CRAP ?

    • AzureStarline

      because maybe you do not speak on behalf of everyone

      • Asakura93

        You could still have condensed it into one, instead of making it a obvious money grab.

        • Warren Kei Snow

          because they are TWO separate games with their own stories and content. Glad you aren’t a business consultant…

          • Asakura93

            And. They. Are. Both. Dancing. Games.

            I DO get it from a business standpoint. But that doesn’t stop me from pointing out from a CONSUMER POINT OF VIEW (because that is what we are for Atlus, you’re not their business consultant and neither am I) that it is dumb and a obvious money grab for fans of both P3 and P5.

            But hey, we seem to have to stoop to indirect comments about someone’s intelligence pertaining business and business practices without knowing squat about what that person actually does know.

          • Warren Kei Snow

            And if you know this then you as a consumer don’t have to buy it. But if you are complaining about money issues a company shouldn’t care about that and look at the possible people who can buy both in your place.

          • FreedomKME

            It’s not a “money grab” if is good. The P4 one was a pretty damn fun and gorgeously made game.

          • Asakura93

            You like both the P3 and P5 cast/music, whoops, they get double the money because you like both and presumably bought both. You like only one cast, whee, they don’t get double the money.

            I’m just saying they could have made it into one, with, I don’t know how often I still need to mention this, a choice in the beginning of a New Game for which story you want to play. Making you only spend a certain amount of money once instead of twice when/if you like both. (Making it a sort of cash grab in the process, by baiting fans of both to buy both games instead of a singular one with both P3 and P5).

            But I guess it’s fine if Atlus does it, eh? Well, it’s not my money, so be my guest.

          • FreedomKME

            There is something of an “ethical consensus” to not make games bigger than the smaller memory card on the Vita. P4 Dancing was a very big game, i can see both of these not fitting together into the smaller memory card available.

          • Momiji93

            Yeah. It just in general irks me for PS4. I don’t think I’d mind too much if it (the games) were PS Vita only, but the games are both PS4/PSVita.

          • Momiji93

            Want to add this to the other comment I just wrote to you:

            Or just make a compromise like SE with the FFX Remaster. Where if you buy it you just have two seperate games (downloads), unless it gets a physical (likely to happen in Japan).. that would make it a bit awkward.

            I just want both games to be on the same disc for PS4. :/

          • Mesaphrom

            I will admit it, putting aside the a*spull that was the story it was a pretty good game. BUT the whole dance theme worked because it was P4, and P4 eated sugar and *hitted rainbow at that point of the “characterization”. I mean, I can imagine some of the P5 cast Dancing All Night (like Yusuke just walking and letting the magic of his character shine thru), but can you imagine the P3 cast doing it? I tried and now I think that Lovecraft’s characters had ot easy.

            Still gonna buy it though.

        • Maimishou

          No? They’re two separate games with two separate cast and presumably different plots. Plus this way people can play with either the P3 or P5 cast without being bogged down in the case they like one group over the other.

          • Asakura93

            Which sucks for people who like both.

          • Maimishou

            People who like both can buy both while people who like only one team can buy the game for that team. It’s a win for everyone.

        • Irving Lee

          2 different casts, 2 different storylines, 2 different aesthetics, probably down to the details in the UI and menu. Not to mention, 2 separate set lists of songs associated with each game. Oh, and 2 different fanbases who probably would prefer one over the other.

          Yeah, even morons should know why it can’t be one game. Just like how FFV and FFVI weren’t just one game just because they’re both RPGs.

          • Asakura93

            See other comment: ” I mean, another possibility is making it a “choose which story you want
            to play” thing when starting a New Game. But money rules, of course :)”

            FF5 and FF6 are entirely, truly entirely different games with different systems….. ON A CONSOLE THAT USED CARTRIDGES THAT DO NOT HAVE A TON OF SPACE.

            Unless both dancing games want to have completely different systems, I don’t see the point.

            Comparing SNES games to a PS4/PS Vita game is nice. Because a SNES cartridge totally has as much space as a Blu-Ray (which unlike a SNES cartridge you can have multiple layers of, easily doubling, or even way more, the size of a normal Blu-Ray.. for more cost of course).

            I guess we haven’t advanced in any way technologically, if we can still use SNES games from 1994 to compare with games from 2017 and onwards for technology, game size, and whatever else is possible. It’s only been 20+ years, right?


          • Irving Lee

            Sidestepping the point I was making, I see. Good job!

          • Asakura93

            “It can’t be one game because different aesthetics etc.!”

            Me: “Put in a choice at the beginning when hitting New Game for which story you want to play”

            Your point was adressed.

            Heck: “If P3Song = true Then P3Aesthetics = true;” (while enforcing a P3 character)

            Exchangable with P5. For “Free Play”.

            Edit: We’re in a age where this is actually technically possible. Just saying.

          • Irving Lee

            And it would still be two different games. Absolutely no reason for them to be put together unless they’re being sold as a collection, which they are not. That’s usually done with remasters, like the Arkham series or the Bioshock series or the Assassin’s Creed series.

            Bottom line: two separate games. Even morons know why they’re not made into one game.

          • Momiji93

            Shit. Kindgom Hearts 1 and Chain of Memories are also seperate games, yet somehow Square managed to put both on a disc for the PS3 release?

            I also want to mention: I’m going under the assumption that both games will be released simultaneously. I don’t remember that happening to the Arkham series, the Bioshock series, or the Assassin’s Creed series.

            Yes, wow, they’re two seperate games. Let me rephrase it, what I actually mean, then:

            PUT. THEM. ON. ONE. DISC.

            (Except for Vita I suppose, but Vita is dead in the West anyway)

          • Irving Lee

            Because THAT WAS A COLLECTION.

            There’s absolutely NO REASON for them to put it in one disc. Some people would want to buy one but not the other. It’s two separate games with two different everything except gameplay. The only reason to put them in one disc is when they want to make a collection and sell them at a cheaper price.

            From a business standpoint, your argument makes zero sense. No two new games are gonna be bundled together in one disc for the price of one.

            Good god, it’s like talking to a retarded baby.

          • Momiji93

            As a consumer I shouldn’t care about that business standpoint right? DLCs make money, people still hate DLCs, people still complain about DLCs. This is what I’m complaining about instead, deal with it. It could have been possible to put both on a disc and Atlus just seemed like “Nah, we gotta make more money”

            But keep on being a shill then..

          • Irving Lee

            As a consumer you’re free to do what you want. But you’re basically asking for two things for the price of one. That’s called entitlement. If you don’t want them, don’t buy them. Whining won’t suddenly make the entire business industry cater to your incessant bitching.

          • Momiji93

            I’m asking: Why isn’t this on one disc, or just one game.. in general? It’s a reasonable enough question to ask. I know I won’t get a reasonable answer to it by people outside of Atlus, and Atlus would just basically sum it up to: “For money from the fanbase that likes both”.

            I am certainly not whining about it. Just asking a reasonable question why it’s two, that presumably are releasing at the same time. If they had made a P3 one or a P5 one and then a year or two down the line the other I wouldn’t care to ask. I understand it’s capitalizing on the massive success that was P5 (and I guess the anime movies of P3 were successful), but I just wanted to question it.

          • Irving Lee

            Okay, I’m gonna stop being rude and try to explain it as nicely as I can. It’s releasing as two games since it’s two different games, with different content, and a different fanbase for each. The fact that they’re being released presumably at the same time doesn’t matter, since the two are separate products. And most importantly, it’s the most logical business decision. Just look at the Pokemon series.

            We as consumers would of course want the easier, cheaper alternative, but it’s like asking why do our $10 worth of meal doesn’t give us two burgers instead of one? There are two burgers available for sale, the bag can easily contain two burgers, why don’t just sell two burgers for $10?

            This is how ridiculous that is.

        • TheRealOne

          If they bundle both games together, that would be awesome. I wanna get both but if they only give us the option of selling it separately, I’ll probably go with P3D before I get P5D.

      • Carlos Hernadez Rios

        How about you stop been a drone ? 2 dancing games 2 DAMN DANCING GAMES

        • Devon Barr

          The first Dancing All Night was one of the most Joyous experiences I’ve had with the Series.

          It’s almost as if you not liking something doesn’t make it bad.

        • FreedomKME

          Rhythm games, not “dancing”. You don’t dance.

        • Dede Ogbe

          Oh look a lot of people like and want something you don’t. Get over it.

    • Shadowriver

      Looks like Dancing All Night was a success in Atlus standards ;p

      • FreedomKME

        For a Vita game i guess it was a huge success.
        Now, i’m a Vita owner and i’m pretty damn happy with it, but let’s not fool ourself, the Vita is dead, so why not Switch?

        • Mark Gilberk

          while in west its not popular in japan its alive and popular

        • Shadowriver

          because Vita is not dead atleast in Japan

  • The Phantom Thief

    Those p3 character models are beautiful. Please remake P3

  • Just gonna buy p3 aha

  • Rosemary Faraday

    if i see Shinji dancing, i’ll hang myself

  • Vallen

    Hoo Boy!

  • Marcin Szklarz

    Wow…that surely hit me hard…I ….just can’t….I’m so shocked

    On the other hand…..holy mother that models…gorgeous

  • Armaggedon16

    Where the fuck is arena

    • Toukitsune

      well fighting games take a lot longer to make than rhythm games, but im sure its on its way.

    • Makoto Yuki

      Sure it’s on it’s way but not 2018. Arc who developed it are already working on a lot of titles for a small studio so it’s unlikely to be in active development. Probably planned but to announce it now would be far to early. Also SMT Strange Journey remake, SMT V, PQ2 and 2 dancing games already has the market pretty saturated so doubt ATLUS will want to add too much more or it will hurt sales.

  • Makoto Yuki

    To be fair excited for both of these and will buy especially if p3 has Shinji. But oh my lord this is a bit much.

  • -_-

  • “I not a fan of this.”

    *Gets attacked by P4D fans*

    Real mature, guys. Keep it up.

  • MDH

    So now that they have all those nice P3 assets ready, a remake is just a matter of time, right?


    Are we getting Persona 2 Dancing Pleiades Night next?

    • Ryan

      Aside from Unbreakable Tie, there aren’t really any songs to take from P2. We’ll get Persona: Be True to Your Dance with the PSP OST.

      • NEO SNEX

        It was mainly just a joke because of the absurdity of the situation. Don’t get me wrong I liked P4DAN but I never would have guessed it was that popular to warrant the creation of two more music games for P5 and P3. Either way, Persona 1 PSP would be a good fit for this kind of genre and you could have Mark dancing crazy.

  • Aaron Boal

    if theyre released at the same time, im hoping for a bundle of the two like kingdom hearts 1.5 and 2.5. if not, no big deal

  • TheNightmareEX

    Please have Sojiro in this game. Also, yes please for not having P4 cast for once.