Persona 3: Dancing and Persona 5: Dancing Makoto and Aigis Character Trailers, ‘How to Play’ Videos


Following last week’s character trailers for Ann and Junpei, two new character trailers have been released for Makoto Niijima in Persona 5: Dancing Star Night and Aigis in Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night.

Makoto Niijima [P5D]

English Subtitles

Aigis [P3D]

English Subtitles

Additionally, a “How to Play” section has been added to the official websites for P3D and P5D, with an overview of the rhythm games.

Players will pick their favorite costumes and enjoy rhythm gameplay. In “Commu” mode, players can enjoy conversations with the cast and mini-events. Players will be able to be invited by the characters for conversations if they deepen their bonds enough.

How to Play [P3D]

How to Play [P5D]

Finally, character costumes have been updated to the official websites:

Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night

  • Winter Gekkoukan uniforms
  • Summer casual clothes
  • Winter casual clothes
  • S.E.E.S. clothes

Persona 5: Dancing Star Night

  • Summer casual clothes
  • Winter casual clothes
  • Phantom Thief outfits

Atlus has posted a couple of new screenshots for both games through Twitter:

Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night will be released for the PS4 and PS Vita on May 24, 2018 in Japan.

— Persona Channel (1, 2)