Persona 3 and Persona 4 Official Japanese Websites Redesigned Under New Domain Names

When  the official Atlus games portal “Atlus Net” was shut down on March 31, 2017 to make place for the new company website, the Japanese websites for Persona 3 ( and Persona 4 ( were rendered inaccessible.

To replace them, Atlus created pages on the company website to give Persona 3 and Persona 4 a brief overview. However, as of October 19, 2017, those pages were also replaced, with both games getting their own dedicated websites matching the front page layout of Persona 5‘s website.

Persona 3

The new domain name and Japanese website for Persona 3 is This domain name was registered on May 1, 2017.

Other than the front page, the only other is for the main characters.

The site encompasses Persona 3Persona 3 FES, and Persona 3 Portable.

Updated Domain Name Information

Persona 4

The new domain name and Japanese website for Persona 4 is This domain name was registered on May 1, 2017.

There are pages for the characters and the game’s Social Links.

The site encompasses Persona 4Persona 4 Golden and the Persona 4 Golden re-release.

Updated Domain Name Information


The Art of Persona 5
Prima Games Prima Games (2017-06-27)
  • Senpai Otaku

    I believe that a P3 remake is in development. Also something relating to P4 might be in the works too. Perhaps the P4 cast appear in PQ2 alongside P5 cast.

    • Crispian11

      I could see a Persona 4 Golden HD edition released for PS4 with japanese language option, same for Persona 3.

      • Senpai Otaku

        i would rather have a p3 remake

        • Tim

          This, it really needs it after the huge leaps and bounds they made between P4 and P5. Even as someone who played hundreds of hours on P3 years ago, I can barely even go back to it at this point for more reasons than simply the graphics.

          • Senpai Otaku

            what? P3/P3P & FES hold up great! its p1 p2 that dont hold up well

          • Tim

            That’s all really opinion, I totally see your perspective, I think the problem is I hadn’t touched P3 since well before even the original P4 released, and when I tried it again after finishing P5 it just doesn’t feel the same as it did then. If I’d played it in that time-frame, it probably would hold up fine for me, I think it’s just the circumstances of loving the improvements of P4/P5, although I think everyone can agree P1&2 don’t hold up.

      • It would be nice if P3 FES HD and P4 Golden HD were released together for the PS4. We can only dream…

        • MG_Salad

          Meh, Playing Persona 5 tethered to a TV was a slog, so I can’t be excited by just a PS4 port of these games. I’d be interested in something on the Switch, even if it’s unlikely.

    • Lucas Vinicius

      I can’t see all these projects in the works right now.

      • Senpai Otaku

        I can:

        P5D/P3D will be done Q1 2018
        PQ2 has no RD right now do lets assume Q3 2018
        Not to mention p6 is likely in extremely early development
        Catherine II is also in the works
        P5A probbaly is being considered
        SMT HD is completed

        So P3 remake or P1P2 remake is likely after PQ2 or Catherine in reagards to release. Essentially before P6 releases in 2023 or later. We should have

        Catherine 2
        SMT HD

        • Yousoro-chan

          YO HOLY CRAP, CATHERINE 2? I haven’t heard of this?! When did this news came out?

          • Senpai Otaku

            There were rumors about it last month


            By the way the Trisha was talking during the stream. There are strong hints towards a release. Same goes with P5A.

            It is simply a matter of Atlus completeing P5D/P3D, SMT HD and PQ2. Once those games have been released in Japan. The development inside atlus will shift to the following imo:

            Project RE Fantasy already ongoing confirmed
            Catherine 2 already ongoing imo
            P3 Remake very likely that this will be started after the release of P3D in Japan

            Unknown as of right now

            P1 P2 Remake
            P6 (i believe this is already in EARLY development)

          • Vallen

            I personally think that Catherine will get a PS4 HD port with extra features, not a sequel. Kinda like what P4G did, Catherine might get an extra dungeon to climb and other small additions/improvements.

          • Senpai Otaku

            Well we can only wait and see xD

          • Yousoro-chan

            I love Catherine so much despite only watching gameplays on YouTube years ago. If there was an Updated Re-release, I’d be excited to buy it. But I better hide the cover from my parents and play it when they’re not at home haha

          • Yousoro-chan

            I have heard of P5D/P3D as well as a possibility of P5A. I kinda forgot about Project Re Fantasy before.. Never knew they were gonna make a SMT HD. Never played a SMT game before so it should be exciting. I’m stoked for another Catherine game cause it’s one of my favourite games even though I only watched gameplays. I also love Persona 3 so much so I hope they’d combine both The Journey and The Answer in one game with more beautiful HD models.

            As for a P1 and P2 Remake.. I don’t know, I’ve heard that they wouldn’t do it.. Possibly in respect to the earlier games though I think its just word of mouth.

          • Senpai Otaku

            “I also love Persona 3 so much so I hope they’d combine both The Journey and The Answer in one game with more beautiful HD models.” YES I AGREE! 100%

            Also smt hd is SMT V like i predicted in past gematsu comment sections :

            Lastly, P1/P2 HD remakes were in that survey from earlier this year and it included P5A/P3D/P5D & PQ2. So it could happen

            Do note that P3 remake was also in that survey

          • Yousoro-chan

            Well, if they’re considering it since they did a survey so the chances are there! I hope they would actually get to do it. Though i would give them ample time to polish up their work. So many projects now, its so exciting!

    • BabyMagnum

      I don’t want a P4 remake (again) but would not mind a P3 remake. Although I rather see them figure out if they are going to go with the storyline of P2 (considering that people from Persona 2 were mentioned and even had plot related in P3) or just have anything before P3 non canon at this point.

      • Senpai Otaku

        i agree about p4. but the question to your last point is this.

        Why mention P1/P2 HD remakes in a survey asking fans what they want next?

        Do note that P5D/P3D and PQ2 were all on that survey and their being made.

        • BabyMagnum

          Maybe Atlus was covering a lot of bases like Daisuke and Arcsys. They put in characters in the fighting game poll that only appeared in an obscure game once. It doesn’t mean that they will make it 100%. It’s possible but until it happens I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Although I trust Atlus more so than other game companies.

          • Senpai Otaku

            I think we definately will see a P3 remake. But i can imagine that if we get a P3 remake then a P1/P2 remake will happen shortly after.

          • BabyMagnum

            As long as it’s not another Persona 4 remake. Besides the edited audio and the Yosuke date option there is nothing else that they could add on that wouldn’t be a gimmick or milking.

          • Senpai Otaku

            i personally love Atlus milking as long as were still getting new games.

  • Vallen

    I think a P3FES + P4G bundle on PS4 would be neat. I’d buy it.