Persona 3 Portable GraffArt Merchandise Announced for July 13, 2019 Release


GraffArt has announced a new range of collaboration merchandise, this time based on Persona 3 Portable and with a summer time theme.

GraffArt is a series of merchandise produced by merchandising, event and PR company A3, in a style which combines graffiti and art. It’s described as a fashionable style which is often seen in cafés and restaurants. in a GraffArt series, characters are designed with a graffiti touch and incorporated into various goods.

Previously, GraffArt has released merchandise featuring Persona 5, Persona 4 Golden, and Persona 3.

Persona 3 Portable GraffArt

The merchandise range includes the following (prices excluding tax):

  • Notebook Type iPhone 6/6s/7/8 & iPhone X/XS case – 1,980 yen
  • Character pass case – 1,380 yen
  • A4 clear file – 400 yen
  • Leather notebook – 500 yen
  • Pin badges (blind purchase) – 480 yen each (4,320 yen for box set)
  • Acrylic keychains (blind purchase) – 780 yen each (7,020 yen for box set)
  • Character frame card (blind purchase) – 500 yen each (4,500 yen for box set)

Postcards featuring the art will also be available as a purchase bonus if more than 2,160 yen is spent on GraffArt merchandise.

Merchandise featuring the art will be available on July 13, 2019 from various GraffArt shops in Japan, and from the online store.

@Graff_Art, @A3_CharaCharge