Persona 3 Reload, Akihiko, Mitsuru, Fuuka, Tartarus and Social Link Details


Atlus has released new information on Persona 3 Reload. This includes detailing Akihiko, Mitsuru and Fuuka, alongside the reveal of their new battle uniform artwork, in addition to extensive details on new and changed Tartarus mechanics, and introducing Social Link characters.


Akihiko Sanada (JPN VA: Hikaru Midorikawa / ENG VA: Alejandro Saab)

  • Weapon: Fists
  • Initial Persona: Polydeuces
  • Specialization: Electricity, Striking
  • Theurgy: Lightning Sphere

Akihiko is the captain of the boxing club. he uses his fists to fight in battle. His initial Persona is Polydeuces. He specializes in attacks with electric and strike attributes.

His Theurgy “Lightning Spike” deals heavy electricity damage to all enemies regardless of resistances.

Mitsuru Kirijo (JPN VA: Rie Tanaka / ENG VA: Allegra Clark)

  • Weapon: Rapiers
  • Initial Persona: Penthesilea
  • Specialization: Ice
  • Theurgy: Blizzard Edge

She is a member of the fencing club, and fights with a rapier. Her initial Persona is Penthesilea.

She specializes in ice based attacks and her Theurgy “Blizzard Edge” has the effect of dealing heavy ice based damage to one enemy, regardless of resistances.

Fuuka Yamagishi (JPN VA: Mamiko Noto / ENG VA: Suzie Yeung)

  • Initial Persona: Lucia
  • Specialization: Support
  • Theurgy: Oracle

She does not directly participate in combat, but supports the party with skills from the rear.

Support skills range from checking enemy attributes to assisting with exploration. Her Theurgy “Oracle” has a random positive effect on all allies.


Tartarus is a gigantic labyrinth which only appears during the Dark Hour, a hidden time which exists between one day and the next and cannot be perceived by normal humans.

Countless Shadows roam Tartarus and attack the protagonists.

In this title, the graphics and various gimmicks have been updated to improve exploration.

Dash allows you to move faster than normal, and an auto-recover button has been added to allow you to recover the party to full HP instantly.

Destructible Objects

Tartarus is littered with destructible objects, filled with the remains of Shadows. By destroying them, you may obtain recovery items, items which can be sold for cash and Twilight Fragments, which can be used to unlock treasure chests.

Locked Treasure Chests

Treasure chests can be found all throughout Tartarus. Some will be locked and require a special item called Twilight Fragments to open. These contain better items than normal treasure chests.

Ally Reconnaissance

After a battle, you might be given the option to perform reconnaissance. You can send out one member of your party to search for the route to the next floor. Allies sent on reconnaissance will meet up on the next floor and hand over items they collected along the way.

Rescuing Missing Persons

Occasionally you will come across missing persons who have wandered into Tartarus. If you rescue them you will receive a thank you gift at a later date.

Shuffle Time and Major Arcana Cards

After winning a battle, Shuffle Time may occur. During Shuffle Time you can select a card to gain it’s corresponding effect or a new Persona. On rare occasions a Major Arcana card might appear. These have unique effects which will remain active throughout the rest of the day’s exploration, such as increasing exp acquired or increasing damage dealt by all out attacks.

Arcana Burst

Once the maximum number of Major Arcana cards have been obtained, an Arcana Burst will occur. This will cause the Minor Arcana cards, which appear during shuffle time, to tank up and strengthen their effects.

Monad Door

A huge door, called the Monad Door, will sometimes appear in Tartarus. Beyond this is a powerful Shadow guarding a rare treasure chest. Winning this battle will cause a special Shuffle Time to occur granting Major Arcana cards.

Monad Passage

A second type of Monad Door will lead to a long passageway filled with powerful Shadows. Defeating these Shadows will grant powerful weapons, character costumes and other unique items which can not normally be found in treasure chests.

Rare Shadow

Golden Rare Shadows might sometimes appear in Tartarus. They will flee as soon as you spot them, however if you manage to defeat them you will gain a large amount of exp and money. On occasion a giant Rare Shadow might appear. Defeating this will grant a large number of items in addition to the exp and money.

The Reaper

If you linger on the same floor for too long, the Reaper will appear. A normal party will not be able to defeat it, so if you encounter it be sure to flee immediately.

Entrance Clock

Interacting with the clock at the entrance of Tartarus will allow you to fully recover the HP and SP or all party members. Doing this will cost 7 Twilight Fragments, so only do so in an emergency.

Change Costumes

You can freely change your parties outfits from the menu whilst exploring Tartarus. In addition to the school and combat uniforms, there are more unusual outfits such as butler uniforms and swimsuits.

Fuuka’s Support Skills

Fuuka has exclusive support skills which she can use both to provide information during battle and support during exploration. Pressing the Navi button while exploring will allow you to select and activate these support skills.

Support skills include Jamming, making enemies unable to detect the party, Shock Noise, which will put enemies on the floor into a state of turmoil, and Sylphid Aura, which will strengthen the party when entering battles. As with other ally skills, these cost SP to activate.

People You Meet on the Street

Through daily life and as a member of SEES, the protagonist will meet and interact with many different people. The bonds formed through these encounters are called Social Links, and by raising these, you can view special events related to the character.

You can interact with characters after school and at night. These interactions will also strengthen the protagonist’s Persona abilities.

Telemarketing CEO: President Tanaka (JPN VA: Bin Shimada / ENG VA: Patrick Seitz)

The president of a TV mail order company who is rapidly growing his business in thanks to his catchy theme song and his style of selling his products directly in front of a camera. His is obsessed with money and has a unique philosophy to management.

He catches the eye of the main character in the street, and plans to use him as a talent.

Unconventional Monk: Mutatsu (JPN VA: Shin Aomori / ENG VA: Aaron Laplante)

A somewhat rude monk who shows up in Club Escapade. He smokes an expensive cigar and has a gold ring on his finger, giving the impression of someone who cares for worldly desires. He is a good speaker and as a strong reputation among the dancers.

He meets the protagonist at the club, and lectures him on his values.

Track Team Rival: Mamoru Hayase (JPN VA: Yuichiro Umehara / ENG VA: Yong Yea)

The ace of another school’s track and field team, and a talented individual who has been gaining attention on a national level. He has been approached by universities and professional clubs.

He discover the protagonist’s talent during the track and field club’s summer tournament, and recognises him as a rival.

MMO Buddy: Maya

A player in a red dress that the Protagonist meets while playing an MMORPG called Innocent Sin Online. Going by the handle “Maya,” she dubs the Protagonist her partner “Tatsuya” and parties up with him. She’s always online on her days off, waiting for the Protagonist to log in.

Child of a Broken Home: Maiko Oohashi (JPN VA: Hiyori Kono / ENG VA: Grace Lu)

A girl who hangs out in the park next to Naganaki Shrine. She is uneasy about her parents who are constantly fighting and on the verge of divorce, and doesn’t want to go back to her home.

She usually spends time along after school, and sees the protagonist as her big brother.

Terminally Ill Young Man: Akanari Kamiki (JPN VA: Hirofumi Nojima / ENG VA: Lucien Dodge)

A dying young man sites on a bench near Naganaki Shrine. He is suffering from an incurable disease, so he rests at home on weekdays and at weekends he visits the shrine despite his weakened body.

He wishes to leave proof of his life behind in the form of stories, which he lets the protagonist read as he writes them.

Bookstore Owner: Mitsuko Kitamura (JPN VA: Sanae Takagi / ENG VA: Susanne Blakeslee) and Bunkichi Kitamura (JPN VA: Naoki Tatsuta / ENG VA: Andre Sogliuzzo)

A married couple who own a used bookstore which stands in a corner of the Iwatodai Station shopping district. The old man Bunkichi is cheerful and friendly, but slightly out of touch, whilst the old lady Mitsuko is kind and steady who is the backbone of the bookshop and supports Bunkichi in going about his business. The couple is on good terms.

They lost their only son several years ago. He worked at Gekkoukan High School and they consider the tree he planted in the school’s courtyard as a keepsake.

Invitations Over Text

After school or on days off, characters you've forged bonds with may invite you to hang out. You can quickly travel to their location by using shortcuts directly in the text menu. Keep your eyes open, as each character has their own unique way of writing texts.

English Screenshots

Persona 3 Reload is releasing February 2nd, 2024 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. It will also be available on Game Pass.

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