Persona 3 Reload PV03 Trailer Released, New Character Descriptions, New Battle Mechanics, Screenshots


As announced yesterday, Atlus has released the third trailer for Persona 3 Reload, this time featuring the antagonists known as Strega—with Takaya, Jin, and Chidori—as well as the Velvet Room attendant Elizabeth.

The newest trailer also features new story segments and gameplay.

Third Trailer (English)

PV03 Trailer


The “Dark Hour” is a hidden time existing between days, which cannot be perceived by normal humans. The group called “Strega” uses the Dark Hour in order to exact revenge on others’ behalf.

The protagonists in SEES, who pursue the mysteries behind the Dark Hour, will confront this group.

Takaya (Voice: Daman Mills / Nobutoshi Canna)

The leader of Strega, a group of three that uses the Dark Hour as a means to carry out requests for revenge.

He considers the Dark Hour to be a special gift reserved only for those with the power of Persona, and does not wish for it to disappear.

Despite his strange appearance, he has a charismatic personality that has earned him many devoted followers.

When he attacks, he uses the gun he carries at his waist. His unique Persona is Hypnos.

Jin (Voice: Chris Hackney / Masaya Onosaka)

A member of Strega, a group of three that uses the Dark Hour as a means to carry out requests for revenge.

He is an intelligent young man who specializes in data analysis and runs the Revenge Request website for Strega’s activities.

He attacks using special hand grenades. His unique Persona is Moros.

Chidori (Voice: Merit Leighton / Miyuki Sawashiro)

A member of Strega, a group of three that uses the Dark Hour as a means to carry out requests for revenge.

She wears a striking white dress and rarely shows emotion, coldly pushing away those who dare speak to her.

She attacks using a hand axe. Her unique Persona is Medea.

Other Characters the Protagonist Meets

Shuji Ikutsuki (Voice: Jake Green / Hideyuki Hori)

The chairman of Gekkoukan High School, where the main characters attend. He also serves as an advisor to SEES.

He has an unparalleled love for puns, and he often likes to make them, to everyone else’s amazement.

Although he has an aptitude for the Dark Hour, he lacks persona abilities. As a result, he seems to feel guilty about sending the protagonists out into battle.

Ryoji Mochizuki (Voice: Akira Ishida)

A boy who transfers into the protagonist’s class in the second half of the second semester.

He is bright and sociable, and has a personality that opens up to anyone else easily.

He deepens his friendship with the main character, Junpei, and other SEES members.

Elizabeth (Voice: Miyuki Sawashiro)

A resident of the “Velvet Room,” a space that differs from reality that only the protagonist can visit.

She helps the protagonist develop his persona abilities.

She seems to have an interest in the outside world, asking the protagonist various requests and going out with him.

Pharos (Voice: Aleks Le / Akira Ishida)

A boy who greets the protagonist when he visits the student dormitory on his first day and forms a mysterious contract with him.

Ever since, he appears before the protagonist several times, giving him advice.

His identity and purpose are shrouded in mystery.

Battle System

In Persona 3 Reload, the familiar turn-based battle system of the Persona series returns with improvements. Hitting an enemy’s weak point will knock it down, allowing you to attack again. Once all enemies are down, you can launch an All-Out Attack.

When targeting the enemy’s weak points, take advantage of various newly added elements.

Exploit the enemy’s weak point and knock them down!

Knock an enemy down to get another action through 1MORE!

If you knock down all enemies, you can perform an All-Out Attack!

Every normal attack and skill has an attribute, and each enemy has a weakness. If you use an attack with an attribute that the enemy is weak to, you can deal a significant amount of damage and knock the enemy down. It is also possible to knock down enemies with critical attacks.

When you knock an enemy down, a “1MORE” is generated, allowing you to perform consecutive actions. By knocking down all enemies, an “All-Out Attack” is activated.

However, if your own weak point is targeted by an enemy attack, you will also be knocked down and the enemy itself will gain a 1MORE.

Direct Commands and Assist Functions

The game’s battle system uses the direct command and assist functions that were popular in Persona 5.

You can quickly hit the enemy’s known weak points using the intuitive command input with one button and the assist function.

Engage the enemy by shifting!

The Baton Touch that allowed you to entrust actions to your companions during a 1MORE in Persona 5 appears as a new “shift” in Persona 3 Reload. Progress through combat efficiently by using shifts well.

Gain an advantage in battle with a powerful blow, Theurgia!

In this game, you can use the special skill called “Theurgy” as a new strategy. Theurgy can be activated when the “Theurgy Gauge” is full, allowing you to unleash a powerful skill different from the norm.

The Theurgy gauge required for activation increases by taking actions during combat like attacking or activating skills, but it will increase even more if you perform specific actions depending on the character.

Once activated, you can instantly turn the battle in your favor, so use it when you need it the most.

New Episode

Interact with friends through “Link Episodes”

“Link Episodes” are new additions to this game, with stories for specific characters that have not been explored so far for even more depth.

By receiving advice and invitations to go out, and also by progressing through the story, you can encounter unexpected sides of the characters.

By watching specific Link episodes, your stats will increase and special persona fusions will be unlocked.

A new episode focusing on Strega has been added.

Persona 3 Reload also includes many new episodes focusing on the members of Strega. You’ll be able to get a glimpse behind some of their upbringing, and feelings that have never been conveyed before.

English Screenshots

Persona 3 Reload is releasing on February 2, 2024 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. It will also be available on Game Pass.

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