Persona 3 The Movie #4 Merchandise, Information [Update]


Persona 3 The Movie #4: Winter of Rebirth will have original products for it sold in Japanese theaters when it launches in Japan on January 23, 2016.

This is similar to Persona 3 The Movie #3: Falling Down, which received original merchandise last year.

Update (2016-01-19): Post updated with a Soejima illustrated, limited edition metallic card given to theater visitors at the bottom of this post following an announcement.


Official Brochure

P3M4 Official Brochure

  • Price: 1,000 yen + tax
  • Details: A4 size, 38 pages, full color (comes inside an OPP bag)

Akira Ishida and Maaya Sakamoto pictures and interview. Long interview with director Tomohisa Taguchi and producer Kazunori Adachi. Discussion with Shoji Meguro about the theme song and Yumi Kawamura. Promotional illustrations for Persona 3 The Movie #4. Recap of movies 1-3, character introductions, introduction of highlighted Chapter 4 scenes, etc.

The cover’s blue logo has a foil finish.


P3M4 Strap

  • Price: 1,000 yen + tax
  • Details: Zinc alloy, PU, PVC, total length is about 18cm

A strap themed after the Dark Hour.


P3M4 Bracelet

  • Price: 1,000 yen + tax
  • Details: Zinc alloy, acrylic, leather, inner circumference is about 19 – 21.5cm

A bracelet themed after Aigis, with a charming ribbon.


P3M4 Tapestry

  • Price: 1,500 yen each + tax
  • Details: PVC, 100% polyester, B3 size (about 36 x 51cm)
  • Type:
    • A: P3M3 teaser key visual
    • B: P3M4 key visual #1
    • P3M4 key visual #2
    • P3M4 key visual #3

Designs that use the key visuals of the movies.

Metal Charm Collection (2nd set)

P3M4 Metal Charm

  • Price: 500 yen each + tax
  • Details: Zinc alloy, brass, charm picture diameter of about 4cm

The second set of metal charms, the designs represent the awakening Personas of the main characters, along with Takaya, Gin, and Chidori’s Personas.

Bromide Collection

P3M4 Bromide

  • Price: 300 yen each + tax
  • Details: Paper, bromide size is about 8.9 x 12.7cm. When mounted, about 44cm.

A two-set bromide which features scenes from P3M1 to P3M4. There are 15 types.

Clear File Set

P3M4 Clear File Set

  • Price: 700 yen each + tax
  • Details: PP material, A4 size
  • Type:
    • A: P3M1 and P3M2 key visual
    • B: P3M3 and P3M4 key visual
    • C: P3M4 teaser key visual and key visual

The designs use the key visuals from the movies.

Clear File Collection

P3M4 Clear File Collection

  • Price: 278 yen + tax
  • Details: PP material, A4 size

Clear files with designs made to look like magazine covers, each with the same pattern on the reverse side. There are 9 types.

Big Tote Bag

P3M4 Big Tote Bag

  • Price: 2,400 yen + tax
  • Details: Fasteners: POM, Material: 100% cotton, about 34 x 50cm, bottom about 12cm, handle about 3 x 55cm.

A Makoto Yuki themed bag with the rear featuring character silhouettes. There are mini-pockets inside of it.


P3M4 Mug

  • Price: 1,000 yen + tax
  • Details: Pottery, size: about 7.5 x 9cm

Features special metallic printing.

Acrylic Pass Case

P3M4 Acrylic Pass Case

  • Price: 1,000 yen + tax
  • Details: Acrylic, brass, paper, card: about 5.4 x 8.4cm. Case: about 10 x 6cm. Chain: about 20cm

A ticket-style card with a case made out of acrylic.

Aigis “I Understand” Plush Toy

P3M4 Aigis

  • Price: 1,800 yen + tax
  • Details: Polyester, PP, etc. about 19 x 11 x 8cm

When you press the plush toy’s stomach, she says “Naruhodona~”. Height about 19cm, her weight is kept secret.


P3M4 T-shirt

  • Price: 3,000 yen + tax
  • Details: 100% cotton. Comes in small, medium, and large sizes.

A Makoto Yuki design with a cherry blossom motif.

Sports Towel

P3M4 Sports Towel

  • Price: 2,000 yen + tax
  • Details: 100% cotton, about 34 x 80cm

Features a line-up of the SEES members.

Cels (#3 and #4)

P3M4 Cels

  • Price: 1,800 yen + tax
  • Details: Made of paper, A4 size about 29.7 x 21 x 1cm

102 pages. Chapter 3, Chapter 4 characters, Personas, Shadows, objects, plenty of background art. The cover is metallic.

Popcorn Combo Set

P3M4 Popcorn

  • Price: Depends on the theater
  • Details: Comes with 3-piece set bromide, made of paper, bromide size: about 8.9 x 12.7cm

A popcorn and drink combo set. Includes 3 sets with 3 bromides (photographic portraits) each.

3D Poster

P3M4 3D Poster

  • Price: 1,204 yen + tax
  • Details: PET material, B4 size (about 257 x 364cm)

Representing the key visual of P3M4, it’s a specially printed poster to look three-dimensional.

Miscellaneous Information

Fast Screening

Persona 3 The Movie #4: Winter of Rebirth will have “fast screenings” for early showings of the movie in select Japanese theaters on the midnight between January 22 (Friday) and January 23 (Saturday).

The same was done for Persona 3 The Movie #3 last year.

Meet & Greet

There will be meet & greet events with voice actors from the movie at select theaters on January 23.

Persona 3 The Movie WOWOW Marathon

As announced earlier this month, paid broadcasting Japanese TV station WOWOW will feature a marathon of the first three Persona 3 The Movie films on January 22, in preparation for the third film.

Mini-colored Paper Distribution

From January 23 to January 29, Persona 3 The Movie Memorial mini-colored paper (first edition)” will be distributed to theater visitors for Chapter 4. They are signed by main cast members, and illustrated by the key animator Michio Hasegawa.

Mini-colored Paper

One of the three types will be randomly given to visitors during January 23 to January 29, and there will be 9 types in all distributed (with new editions at later dates).

Update: Additionally, a Shigenori Soejima illustrated limited edition, metallic card will be distributed to theater visitors at the premier of the movie on January 23.

P3M4 Metallic Card

The Persona 3 The Movie series is produced by AIC ASTA and distributed by Aniplex. The first film, Spring of Birth, released in theaters on November 23, 2013. The second film, Midsummer Knight’s Dream, was released on June 7, 2014. The third, Falling Down, was released on April 4, 2015.