Persona 3 x Chain Chronicle 3 Collaboration Event Starts on August 21, Details


It was previously announced that Persona 3 would be having a collaboration with the mobile game Chain Chronicle 3, and now details for the event have been released.

The event with the Chain Chronicle 3 mobile RPG will begin on August 21, 2018.

Collaboration Story Synopsis

Once afflicted with a certain disease, a lively person will lose their energy and effectively become walking dead. Members of the Desert Rose, who were investigating this strange disease spreading throughout the kingdom, arrive at a strange tower which is rumored to appear suddenly in place of the King’s Castle at midnight.

As this Yggdrasil from an alternate world appears, silhouettes of seven youths appear. The volunteer army and this mysterious group who have been drawn together decide to support each other, and…

The seven characters that will be featured in this event are:

  1. Makoto Yuki
  2. Aigis
  3. Elizabeth
  4. Yukari Takeba
  5. Junpei Iori
  6. Mitsuru Kirijo
  7. Akihiko Sanada

The official website for the collaboration can be found here.

Television Commercial

A television commercial for the Persona 3 collaboration with Chain Chronicle 3 will begin broadcasting in Japan on August 11.

The previously held Persona 5 x Chain Chronicle 3 collaboration will be making a return alongside this Persona 3 event on August 25th.

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