Persona 4 Arena and DLC Pulled From PSN in Europe

Persona 4 Arena Europe Pulled

Persona 4 Arena and all related add-ons has been pulled from PlayStation Network in Europe for, as of yet, unclear reasons.

According to Sony’s Jawad Ashraf:

Persona 4 Arena has been removed from PS Store on request from the publisher.

Furthermore, via Persona Europe’s Facebook page managed by Persona 4 Arena‘s European publisher, Zen United responded to a question regarding the now unpurchusable add-ons with the following:

Hey there, I’m afraid I’m not sure why this is. Atlus are dealing with Persona 4 Arena for Europe now, so I’m guessing they have taken it down for some reason, though you will need to check with them for confirmation. Sorry I can’t be much more help than that.

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