Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Manga Author Teases Upcoming Atlus Project


The author for the ongoing Persona 4 Arena Ultimax manga adaptation, Rokuro Saito, recently visited Atlus in order to gather information about an upcoming project he says might be announced soon.

Just the other day, I visited Atlus for research purposes. I wonder if it will be announced soon! One thing I can say is that I laughed so hard my abdominal muscles hurt, it was a good feeling. Atlus is a pleasant place to go to. (I really went there)

Translation help provided thanks to Mystic from TRADUKO Soft.

Rokuro Saito is the mangaka for the Persona 4 Arena Ultimax manga, which has been serialized on a monthly basis in Dengeki Maoh magazine since June 2015. Its first volume will be released in January 26, 2016 in Japan.