Persona 4: Dancing All Night: maimai X CHUNITHM Collaboration Announced [Update]


Sega has announced a collaboration project featuring three of their rhythm game properties: Persona 4: Dancing All Nightmaimai: ORANGE PLUS, and CHUNITHM.

Update (2015-06-23): During the Persona 4: Dancing All Night launch stream, Atlus revealed the trailer for the collaboration. maimai and CHUNITHM arcade cabinets in Japan will feature Persona 4: Dancing All Night songs as well as characters

Maimai x P4D Collaborationmaimai is a Sega rhythm game series developed for arcades in Japan, incorporating touchscreens and “dance-like movements.” The rhythm arcade game can be played solo, or up to 4 players simultaneously. “Orange Plus” is the newest version of the game, which was released on March 19, 2015.

CHUNITHM is a similar type of arcade rhythm game which was originally released at Club Sega Akihabara in November 2014. Using maimai as a foundation, it also featured several songs from the maimai series. It was formally released in arcades in May 2015.

Sega has announced that a collaboration involving maimai and CHUNITHM, revolving around Persona 4: Dancing All Night, will be happening. The details of this collaboration will be announced on the Persona 4: Dancing All Night launch live stream, which will be on June 23 at 18:00 JST (5:00 AM EDT).

Related to the live stream, a new guest appearance for it has been announced: the Japanese rhythm game player DOLCE.

DOLCEHe will be joining the other guest appearances consisting of:

  • Kappei Yamaguchi (Teddie voice actor)
  • Akemi Kanda (Nanako Dojima voice actor)
  • Yumi Kawamura (Persona music artist)
  • Lotus Juice (Persona music artist)
  • Shihoko Hirata (Persona music artist)
  • DJ WAKA (Persona music artist)

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