Persona 4: Dancing All Night Patch 1.03 Released


Following last month’s Persona 4: Dancing All Night patch for version 1.02, a new update to version 1.03 has been made available today which adds a few minor options.

Version 1.03 adds features which were teased when the previous patch was announced, and it also adds compatibility with the free “P Color Selection Set 2” DLC costumes which have been released for free today.

Patch Notes

  • The option to filter scores on the online leaderboards to search for the player’s own rank has been added.
  • An on/off option in the “CONFIG” menu has been added for background voices, where “off” will disable all character dialogue in a song.
  • In the “SETUP” menu, the option to exclude specific costumes and accessories which will be chosen from when selecting “RANDOM” for an outfit has been added.
  • In the “SETUP” menu, the option to manually press a button to choose a random costume and accessory has been added.
  • A crown mark has been added next to songs where a “KING CRAZY” rating has been achieved.
  • The ability to override high scores in Free Dance mode instead of them being automatically overwritten when a higher score is achieved has been added (only applicable for songs where a “BRILLIANT” rating or above has been achieved).
King Crazy Rating
A “King Crazy” icon has been added to the right for songs in a specific difficulty where that rating has been achieved.

The patch notes in Japanese:

Version 1.03 Patch Notes

Persona 4: Dancing All Night released in Japan on June 25. The PlayStation Vita exclusive rhythm game has been announced for a North American release on September 29 and a European release this fall.