Persona 4: Dancing All Night Patch Announced for July 23


Following reports of audio problems in Persona 4: Dancing All Night last month, Atlus has announced a patch for the game which will be releasing on July 23.

Three weeks after the game’s launch, the producer and director Kazuhisa Wada writes about what will be in next week’s version 1.02 patch.

The main patch notes are:

  • The problem where character voices occasionally become silent will be fixed.
  • The L/R buttons can now be used for scratch notes, in addition to the analog sticks and the touch screen.
  • The delivery of the July 23 DLC content.
  • etc.

Audio Bug Details:

This involves audio problems where a sound is temporarily muted or voices can no longer be heard. Sometimes it will occur once and return to normal, other times the problem will persist. The upcoming patch will fix the story mode voice bug, while other audio issues will be fixed when the next PlayStation Vita system software update is released.

Scratch Note LR Button Setting Details:

Now the option to hit scratch notes with the L and R buttons will be added, alongside the analog sticks. So that players can have an easier time hitting the scratch notes, they have added more options for it.

Some might think that they’re already used to the analog sticks so they don’t need this option, but they should give it a try. The scratch sounds from the analog stick directions are transferred over to the buttons, making the different sounds come up more often.


When the game is paused in a certain mode and the player enters a special command, a secret function has been added which will turn the background monochromatic.

Yu Narukami and Rise Kujikawa Igor masks P4D.


Further down the line, the staff are considering some additional changes.

  • A crown mark added next to songs where a “KING CRAZY” rating is achieved, so that it can be easier to see which songs a player has gotten the rating in.
  • The ability to override high scores in Free Dance mode, instead of them being overwritten automatically.
  • The ability to search for one’s own rank on the online leaderboards, as it can be difficult to manually search in order to find one’s position at the moment.
  • The ability to set which costumes are included in the random option during the setup for a character’s outfit, so that players can choose which among their favorite costumes will be randomly selected.
  • The ability to exclude costumes which will be selected in the random option during the setup for a character’s outfit, for players who are troubled by certain accessories/costumes like the Igor glasses, for example.
  • An on/off setting function added for character background voices during a song.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night released in Japan on June 25. The PlayStation Vita exclusive rhythm game has been announced for a North American and European release in fall 2015.