Persona 4: Dancing All Night PlayStation Vita Design Pouch, A2 Tapestry


Last Friday’s Persona 4: Dancing All Night weekly update featured a Chie Satonaka trailer. This week’s consists of the announcement of a PlayStation Vita design pouch.

Design Pouch - Persona 4 Dancing All NightThe Persona 4: Dancing All Night themed PlayStation Vita pouch will be available when the game launches on June 25 in Japan. It will be sold separately for 2,894 yen.

The enamel design pouch for PlayStation Vita handhelds was designed with the supervision of the Persona Team.

The front of the pouch features colorful key art from Persona 4: Dancing All Night starring Teddie, while the back features an embossed logo of the game.

The top of the design pouch features an L-shaped zipper with a Persona 4: Dancing All Night logo fastener. There is a separate storage pocket inside the pouch which can be used to store headphones.

Design Pouch 2 - Persona 4: Dancing All NIghtThe Persona 4: Dancing All Night design pouch is currently available for pre-order on the Atlus D Shop and Amazon Japan, the latter of which currently has it available at a 15% discount for 2,463 yen.

Additionally, Famitsu has revealed an unfinished illustration of the A2 tapestry that will be available with the standard Famitsu DX Pack release of the game:

Persona 4: Dancing All Night - A2 Tapestry

The A2 size tapestry (420 × 594mm), featuring character Kanami Mashita, will be included with the other Famitsu DX Pack items, such as the 12 Mini Posters and the Original Bandana.

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