Persona 4: Dancing All Night ‘Premium Crazy Box’ Unboxing, New Screenshots


Similar to the quick unboxing the Persona Stalker Club did in episode 16 of that talk show, the Dengeki PlayStation publication have shown an unboxing of the Persona 4: Dancing All Night “Premium Crazy Box” limited edition release.

Only releasing in Japan, this is the version of the game which includes the special Persona 4: Dancing All Night special edition PlayStation Vita.

A remix version of “Dance!” can be heard throughout the video, in the background.

Like the “Crazy Value Pack,” the “Premium Crazy Box” art work featuring Teddie will have a foil finish. Additionally. the letters “P4D” on the side have been die-cut, creating an overall “playful” and “stylish” design.

The “Premium Crazy Box,” which retails for 28,890 yen, includes the following:

P4D Unboxing

Additionally, the Persona 5 special Blu-ray movie disc and the DLC “Women’s Swimwear Set” are also included, which is the same for first-print copies of the standard release of the game and the “Crazy Value Pack” edition.

The special edition Vita console comes with a pre-installed Persona 4: Dancing All Night theme which has 10 different backgrounds. Also, the theme features a song remix that was designed uniquely for the Vita’s home screen background music: “Signs of Love (Funky HOME Mix).”

Additionally, Dengeki PlayStation have shown off new Persona 4: Dancing All Night screenshots for the downloadable content which are included with the “Premium Crazy Box.”

Gekkoukan High School Uniforms

The Persona 3 Gekkoukan High School uniform set which is available for Yu, Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, Kanji, Rise and Naoto.

P4D Gekkoukan 1 P4D Gekkoukan 2 P4D Gekkoukan 3Persona 4 Golden Plain Summer Clothes

The epilogue summer costumes from Persona 4 Golden with different hairstyles and different clothes, available for Yu, Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, Kanji, Rise and Naoto. Nanako also has her own version.

P4D Summer 1 P4D Summer 2 P4D Summer 3“Never More – Persona 4 Golden Version”

The ending song of Persona 4 played to the Persona 4 Golden epilogue credits scene.

P4D P4G Never MorePersona 4: Dancing All Night is slated for a Japanese release on June 25, 2015. The PlayStation Vita exclusive rhythm game has recently been announced for a North American release in fall 2015.

Dengeki PlayStation