Persona 4: Dancing All Night Trailer Featuring Yu Narukami


Following Monday’s Persona 4: Dancing All Night update, Atlus has uploaded a new trailer featuring Yu Narukami, and they have updated the official website as well.

Surprisingly not being kept to a Monday schedule, the official website has been updated with new character pages for Kanji and Teddie.

Kanji PageKanji’s description: Previously the hero’s junior, Kanji Tatsumi is now a second year in high school. He shows off a powerful dance style that takes advantage of his strength.

Teddie’s description: Having inhabited the TV world previously, Teddie continues to live alongside the protagonists, after the incident they faced in “Persona 4″ was resolved.

Teddie Page

The Music page has been updated with the song featured in today’s trailer, Maze of Life (Main character: Yu Narukami; BPM: 175).

Finally, the “What’s P4D?” page has been added, with a story page that hints at the members of character Kanami Mashita’s idol group, “Kanamin Kitchen”:

Kanamin KitchenEnglish subbed version of the trailer via bobrossfreak: