Persona 4: Dancing All Night Tutorial Videos, DLC Costumes [Update]


Following last week’s Persona 4: Dancing All Night update, Atlus has uploaded two new tutorial videos that show off how to play the rhythm game and they have revealed exclusive DLC costumes.

Update (2015-03-13): Siliconera has provided a translation of the first Persona 4: Dancing All Night tutorial video. Additionally, Thomas James has subbed both tutorial videos.

Tutorial Video 1

Tutorial Video 2

Along with these videos, the Special page on the official website has been updated with Twitter icons available for all seven characters which currently have a character page.

P4D Twitter Icons

Additionally, three Lawson original DLC costumes exclusive to HMV in Japan for Yu, Nanako and Kanami have been revealed, via Twitter:

Persona 4: Dancing All Night HMV DLC Costumes
Persona 4: Dancing All Night HMV DLC Costumes

P4D DLC Costume 1

P4D DLC COstume 2

Thomas James’ English translated tutorial videos:

Tutorial Video 1 (English Subs)

Tutorial Video 2 (English Subs)

p-ch, Dengeki