Persona 5 the Animation ‘A Magical Valentine’s Day’ OVA Sneak Peek Poll Launched, Art Released


Announced in March, volume 12 of Persona 5 the Animation—releasing on June 26—will include the OVA “A Magical Valentine’s Day.” It will consist of 11 segments revolving around the protagonist Ren Amamiya’s interactions with different characters on Valentine’s.

The official Persona 5 the Animation Twitter account has launched a poll where the female character group that is the most voted for will have a sneak peek of the OVA released in advance.

The poll options:

  1. Ann & Makoto (Ferris Wheel & Ōsanbashi Pier​)
  2. Futaba & Haru (Skating Rink & Tropical Greenhouse)
  3. Hifumi & Chihaya (Nighttime Pool & Meiji Shrine)
  4. Kawakami & Takemi & Ohya (Leblanc & Clinic & Ohi Racecourse)

The deadline for voting will be on May 28th. The complete list of 11 characters that will be featured during the complete OVA:

  1. Ann Takamaki x Odaiba Ferris Wheel
  2. Makoto Niijima x Yokohama Port Ōsanbashi Pier​
  3. Futaba x Meiji Shrine Outer Garden – Skating Rink
  4. Haru Okumura x Shin-kiba – Tropical Greenhouse
  5. Tae Takemi x Takemi Clinic
  6. Sadayo Kawakami x Leblanc Cafe – Attic
  7. Chihaya Mifune x Meiji Shrine – Main Shrine
  8. Hifumi Togo x Nighttime Pool
  9. Ichiko Ohya x Ohi Racecourse
  10. Ryuji Sakamoto x Leblanc Cafe – Shop
  11. ??? x Opera House

Character key art for the OVA and a picture of the ticket for the opera house.

The Persona 5 the Animation Twitter account has also released pictures of the P5A Shigenori Soejima illustrated box set.

The first OVA, “Proof of Justice,” will be released with volume 11 of Persona 5 the Animation on May 29th.