Persona 5 Art Gallery in Shibuya Modi Mall Announced From March 12 to April 4, 2021


Hosted by “Chara-Art,” a company dedicated to showing off Japanese anime and manga characters in the context of art, a “Persona 5 Art Gallery” has been announced to take place for a limited time in Japan, at the Shibuya Modi shopping complex from March 12, 2021 to April 4, 2021.

The popular juvenile RPG Persona 5 depicting the adventures of young Phantom Thieves was originally released in September 2016. Celebrating the 5th anniversary this year, this exhibition will look back on the history of the work from the perspective of “art,” including illustrations and setting pictures released in the past. Original merchandise will also be sold, such as high resolution reproductions of original paintings, along with other art goods.

The official website for the event can be found here, with a full list of the merchandise for sale.

Kasumi Yoshizawa Birthday Commemorative Goods

With her birthday taking place during this event (on March 25th), there will be Kasumi Yoshizawa “Chara Fine Boards” will go on sale for 1,980 yen (including tax) starting on March 20, 2021, with limited quantities available.


Some of the merchandise that will be available for purchase at the gallery.

A3 Character Fine Graph TypeA (19,250 yen, tax included)
A3 Character Fine Graph TypeD (19, 250 yen, tax included)
2L Character Fine Mat TypeD (1,650 yen, tax included)
5-Postcard Set (825 yen, tax included)
Printed Cookies (864 yen, tax included)

Event Details

  • Period: Friday, March 12, 2021 to Sunday, April 4, 2021
  • Location:Shibuya Modi 7F
  • Opening Hours: 11:00 JST to 20:00 JST
  • Admission: Free