Persona 5 Character Profile: Anne Takamaki


As part of the “Hunt the Thieves” campaign requiring fans in Japan to scan the QR codes of Persona 5 posters spread out nationwide, character profiles for the characters are being “identified” on the official campaign website as milestones are reached.

Following the protagonist and Ryuji Sakamoto’s profiles, Anne Takamaki’s has been revealed at the 20,555 tweet milestone with the QR codes.

Anne Takamaki (VA: Nana Mizuki)

Anne Profile Translation

(Translation via Nenilein)

A 16-year old, three quarters Japanese girl with American roots that attends Shûjin gakuen. At school, she appears to be unable to blend in and lonely due to her striking looks. She is being observed acting together with the youth assumed to be the leader and Sakamoto Ryûji. At school, strange rumors are spreading about her, but whether these are true or not is still being investigated.

(Translation via kiyoaki)

Profile page.

Her sound bites (via kiyoaki):

1: You’re a strange person, aren’t you? Even though everybody avoids/ignores me, you….

2: I’m not so cheap a woman that someone like YOU could just do as he pleases.

Anne Identified

Persona 5 is slated to be released for the PS3 and PS4 in Japan in Summer 2016, with a 2016 North American release date.