Persona 5 Debut Preview Trailer Revealed

The debut preview trailer (PV01) for Persona 5 was revealed via the News Flash! Persona Channel 2015 stream that took place earlier today.

Revealed via the appearance of “The Phantom” on the Persona Super Live 2015 concert stage, the debut PV#01 trailer was revealed.

The names of the main cast who accompany the protagonist are: Sakamoto Ryuuji, Morgana (the cat) and Takama Anzu.

First-print copies of Persona 4: Dancing All Night will include a Persona 5 Special Movie Blu-ray disc, which will include special video from the game.

The official website has been updated, as well.

Persona 5 Main Art

Persona 5

  • ArtDeco3

    This is awesome!!!! In the livestream, there seemed to be some sort of voting session around 7:15, does anybody know what that was?

  • Martin

    Jesus…Finally..the music for my ears…
    They seem to borrow a lot from Catherine…