Persona 5 for Reels Video Slot Machine Announced


Sammy Corporation, a subsidiary of Sega Sammy, has announced the production of the video slot machine called Persona 5 for Reels. Approval for the machine has been granted by Gaming Laboratories International.

The video slot machine game Persona 5 for Reels will be distributed in casinos around the world in the near future.

The video slot machine aims to recreate the world of Persona 5 using sound and visuals. The game will be exhibited from May 28th to July 10th, 2022 at Tokorozawa Sakura Town for the Persona 25th Festival.

Persona 5 for REELS

Similarly, in October 2013, a pachislot machine called Persona 4: The Slot was released. Later on, a second Persona 4 themed pachinko machine called “Persona 4 the Pachinko” would be released in September 2015. Subsequently, Persona 4 the Pachinko was released for PC in April 2016 and mobile in August 2016.

Sammy via @ScrambledFaz