Persona 5 Futaba Sakura Trailer and Erica Lindbeck Interview

Following the Persona 5 English character trailers for Yusuke and Makoto, Atlus USA has released a new trailer featuring Futaba Sakura and an interview with her voice actor, Erica Lindbeck.

Futaba Trailer

When you’re a group of mischievous teenage rebels up to no good, it would probably be beneficial to have a member act as your eyes and ears. It’s not the most glamourous of jobs, but Futaba Sakura is in her element when acting as the Phantom Thieves’ resident hacker. Although she’s a socially awkward recluse who stopped attending school, she gets tangled up with the gang and ends up as their navigator. Codenamed Oracle, Futaba is a vital member of the Phantom Thieves who will always guide them towards their destination or find a nifty escape route when they’re in a jam. She can also offer moral support that provides buffs to the team to change the tide of battles! Although she’s not active in the field, Futaba is irreplaceable and one of our personal favorite characters in the game.

Interview with Erica Lindbeck

Atlus Minute

Next up on the ATLUS Minute we have the English voice of #persona5 Futaba Sakura, @ericalindbeck!

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Persona 5 was released for the PS3 and PS4 in Japan on September 15, 2016. It will release in North America and Europe on April 4, 2017, and in traditional Chinese and Korean in 2017.

  • Irving Lee

    This is so far the most noticeable departure from the Japanese VAs’ directions, with Makoto next to it. Kinda misses the fragility of her character, IMO, but we’ll see how it works within the game. Don’t know what to feel about the codename change, though.

    • Omega068

      It…does? None of the lines they included are from when she’s in a vulnerable state. (Come to think of it, I don’t think the Japanese trailer showed any of that either.)

      • Irving Lee

        No, but the personality feels different. Her JP voice is normally more on the pitch-y, lighter, playful side but sounds a bit deeper–though almost breaks–when she’s vulnerable. Here it’s already deep enough, and actually makes her sounds older than Makoto–who in turn sounds like the youngest of the bunch. It’s just a glaring difference. I’m not saying it’s bad or anything, it’s just that different.

        • Levi Johnson

          Yeah for sure. The Japanese one it seems like she’s sort of easily (jokingly) agitated and gets cocky and shrill. Helps out the party but in a “because I’m so good at this” type way. This one sounds much more (openly) caring, and also older. Doesn’t sound bad though… Like my first listen I was like ehhh but I watched it five more times and I think I get it. Also those are isolated out of context lines, so I think maybe hearing her in game will change things. And also she does seem to be able to get a bit shrill/high pitch so I think it could work.

          In all honesty though she’s a pretty Japanese character so she’d be hard to interpret, same way Rise was probably hard to. And considering what we could’ve got I think this sounds pretty good actually

  • MDH

    On a “meta” level I’m very ok with how her voice sounds. Remember, this is the navigator character who gives you live commentary for combat the whole game, and it’s good that she has a pleasant, inoffensive pitch to her. We all know what Japanese Rise sounds like, and that would have been enough for me to stop playing P4. I was getting similar shrill vibes from Japanese Futaba and it started to worry me.