Persona 5 Manga Volume 4 Cover Revealed


Following the announcement of the release for volume 4 of the Persona 5 manga adaptation on September 19th, the cover art has been revealed.

Cover Art

The third volume of the manga was released on April 12. 2018.


The Phantom Thieves have been infiltrating the hearts of their targets in locations called “Palaces” in another world, stealing their distorted desires manifesting themselves as “treasures.” Facing the villainous nature of the teacher and parent to Yusuke Kitagawa—Madarame—he is faced with the truth behind his mother’s death.

Additionally, people who are secretly observing the Phantom Thieves start to appear. Will the Phantom Thieves be able to overcome this difficult situation?

In the 4th volume, the Phantom Thieves clash with the famous Japanese painter Madarame! A must-see battle where Madarame reveals his true nature.

Product Details

  • Release Date: September 19, 2018
  • Price: 638 yen
  • Publisher: Shogakkan
  • Language: Japanese
  • Author: Murasaki Hisato
  • Amazon Japan Page

The manga adaptation for Persona 5 debuted on September 22, 2016 and has been serialized on a monthly basis on the WEB comic site Ura Sunday and Manga One.