‘Persona 5 Mementos Report’ Volume 1 User Survey Book to be Released on March 5, 2019


Following the Persona 5 “Phan-Survey” that Famitsu conducted a few months ago for English and Japanese fans, information about the first volume of the “Persona 5 Mementos Report” fan book has been released.

While the survey had been conducted in English in July 2018, only a Japanese release of this book has been announced thus far.

Product Information

Published by Kadokawa, the survey report will feature information from the players, the development team, and the Famitsu editorial department.

The Famitsu editorial department sought opinions from the Persona 5 playerbase, and Atlus’ Persona Team have provided responses of their own. More than simply laying out the survey results, artists enthusiastic about Persona 5 have drawn illustrations and manga based on the answers.

Survey Scope

The scope of the survey for the first volume of the “Persona 5 Mementos Report” book ranges from “the very beginning of the game until you complete Kamoshida’s Palace and hold the victory buffet with your friends on May 5.”


  1. Memorable scenes from Persona 5The top 10 scenes from the survey will be outlined.
  2. Individual experiences with the story: A collection of personal experiences people had with the story.
  3. Interview with Atlus based on user interests and questions: Answers from the Persona Team to questions like, “What kind of person is Ryuji’s mother?”, “How did the protagonist’s friends spend their time before they met him?”, and other similar ones are responded to one after another.
  4. A comparison between the Japanese and North American survey results: A look into how the dialogue is translated in the North American version of the game, and how the NA users reacted to the game’s scenes.

Mementos Report Vol. 1 Staff

  • Cover Illustration: Yasuda Suzuhito
  • Text Illustration & Manga: A variety of Japanese artists.
  • Included Can Badge Art: Mizunomoto

3 Bonuses

  1. B3 Cover Illustration Poster: A poster of the book’s cover illustration by Yasuda Suzuhito.
    1. Size: B3 (515 x 364 mm)
  2. Can Badges (2 Types): A set of two can badges depicting the members of the Phantom Thieves. Illustrated by Mizunomoto, the artist behind the official manga adaptation of Persona Q. This time, it will be of Ryuji and Ann.
    1. Size: diameter 57 mm.
  3. Phantom Thieves Sticky Notes: A set of 4 bubble-style sticky notes to leave messages and memos like lines of a manga. This time, they feature the main character, Morgana, Ryuji, and Ann for a total of 4.
    1. Size: 34 x 74 mm, 20 sheets each.

Product Details