‘Persona 5 Mementos Report’ Volume 2 Announced, Fan Survey Released


Following ‘Persona 5 Mementos Report’ Volume 1, Famitsu has announced the second volume of the fan book, aimed to release in September 2019.

The first Report ran surveys in both English and Japanese. Currently only a Japanese survey has been launched for Volume 2.

Thanks to the large popularity of Vol. 1, production of the second research report, aimed to release in September 2019 will begin production.

In the report, everyone who had played Persona 5 was asked to fill in a questionnaire about their feelings and impressions of the game, and they sent various questions and thoughts to Atlus’ Persona team. The obtained answers were then put together into the volume. To give an example from the contents of Vol. 1 for example, the answer to the question “How did Ann and Shiho meet? How did they get along?”

Responses from the Persona team were then put together with illustrations by talented artists. In addition, there are answers to a number of questions such as “How did the protagonist’s friends spend April before meeting him?” “What kind of person is Ryuji’s mother?” Answers to a number of questions, along with stories of experiences are included that are sure to be of interest. It’s a project that could only be realised with your cooperation.

Currently, Vol. 2 of the survey will cover the events from forming the Phantom Thief group at the buffet, until after Madarame’s Palace and Kaneshiro’s Palaces are both resolved (between May 5, and July 9) In other words, the period focused on Yusuke Kitagawa and Makoto Niijima.

The line drawing version of the cover illustration has been released. It is drawn by Atelier series artist NOCO.

The Japanese survey can be found here. Answers will be gathered until May 6, 2019 at 23:59 JST. Also, this is a fan item only covering the game Persona 5; contents exclusive to Persona 5 the Animation or Persona 5 The Royal cannot be answered.

Product Details

Survey Content

  • Survey Results on favourite scenes from Persona 5. 
  • The results from asking about certain experiences of both domestic and foreign users.
  • Results from interviews with Atlus based on user interests and questions
  • The total number of hours played, difficulty level chosen, favourite character, number of lovers ect. Looking at both how domestic and foreign users played the game.
  • A comparison of how words are translated between the Japanese and North America versions of Persona 5. Focusing on user voted scenes.

Participating Artists

  • Cover Illustration: NOCO
  • Text Illustrations and Manga: To be announced
  • Bundled Can Badge: Mizunomoto

Purchase Bonus Goods

  • A B3 poster featuring the cover illustration by NOCO.
  • A two piece set of can badges, with the concept of “two shot image of the main character and the Phantom Thief members.” Illustrated by Mizunomoto in the style of Persona Q, and featuring Yusuke and Makoto.
  • A set of 20 sticky notes with 4 different designs, that can be used to leave messages.

Product Details

  • Release Date: September 12, 2019
  • Price: 2,160 yen
  • Product Page

Famitsu, Ebten