Persona 5: Mementos Reports Vol. 3 Developer Q&A and Character Trivia


The third volume of the Persona 5: Mementos Reports series of fanbooks was released in Japan on March 20, 2021. It includes Persona 5 Royal related content like fan surveys, comparisons between the English and Japanese versions of the game, and polls.

This post focuses on the questions provided by fans to the development team, and the official answers from P Studio.

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Persona Team Questions & Answers

Q. Futaba’s room has a lot of stuff. Did she buy them all herself? (I’m particularly interested in the stuffed unicorn)

A. Futaba couldn’t go out, so she asked Sojiro to buy them. The unicorn symbolizes “success” and “life force” in fortune telling, so Futaba was likely drawn to it because it had the opposite meaning to her own circumstances. Also, it’s cute.

Q. Aside from her hacking knowledge, what triggered Futaba’s interest in things like pyramids? I feel like she was also interested in things like ancient ruins and civilizations.

A. When she was asking herself “is it okay for me to be alive?”, it seems she started learning about pyramids when she took an interest in “views on life and death.”

Q. Did Sojiro tell Futaba when he decided to let the protagonist live in the attic of Leblanc?

A. Yes, since they are a family, they talked about it to an extent.

Q. What happened with the lobsters that Yusuke brought along for their aesthetic value?

A. I wonder what happened to it… As it was bought in the middle of summer, it would be difficult to preserve it. And Makoto would probably have pointed out that it would be difficult to keep them, so it can only be assumed that he enjoyed their taste with tears in his eyes.

Q. What aspect of Futaba’s psyche created the slide at the start of her palace?

A. It’s an expression of Futaba’s own circumstances: “My life is just a downward slide, is that really okay?”

Q. In a commemorative photo that we can see in P5R, it made me smile to see how Futaba and Haru have already become friendly with the Phantom Thieves. Even though it’s not directly described in the story, I can imagine that the other members of the group are interacting with each other and getting to know each other without the main (player) character’s knowledge.

A. The fact that the main character (Joker) is the group’s centerpiece is a major factor that allows the members with such strong personalities to stay connected. Perhaps, even without the players’ knowledge, the protagonist as a topic of conversation among the members might be a trigger for deepening the friendship between the members.

Q. Haru seems to have a hobby of handicrafts in addition to gardening, but what kind of things does she make?

A. Dhes doesn’t have the time to make anything elaborate, so she does things like adjusting a story-bought handkerchief to her liking.

Q. Haru gives you vegetables that restore SP. When you use them as items, are they eaten raw?

A. During one of Haru’s Confidant events, when Sojiro eats a raw vegetable, he says, “I can’t say it tasted good, but it was actually somewhat refreshing. Kinda like how you feel good after taking a bitter medicine.” They seem to be effective even consumed raw.

Q. Was Haru able to escape from her fiancé?

A. As her fiancé appears in her Confidant events, she hadn’t completely left him during the game. It will take some time, but Takakura will probably help her as promised later on.

Q. It seems like there were almost no scenes where Haru refers to Ryuji and Yusuke by name, but how would she refer to them?

A. They are both younger friends, so they would be called “Ryuji” and “Yusuke” amicably.

Q. Haru wields a heavy weapon in the Metaverse, but does that mean she has a similar background in the real world?

A. As an experienced ballet dancer, she has a strong core. Additionally, after joining the Phantom Thieves, she became able to express her intentions firmly. The ability to wield heavy weapons may have blossomed after meeting the members of the Phantom Thieves.

Illustrator: Kazuomi Mochizuki (@mochi0w0omi)

Q. Ann and Makoto seem to be good cooks, but how are the rest of the characters?

A. Aside from Futaba and Haru, they are all able to follow recipes using story-bought ingredients when their parents aren’t around. Haru has a good palate, but she is inexperienced at cooking. Futaba could do it if she tried, but it hasn’t caught her interest yet.

Q. What kind of things are normally kept in Akechi’s attaché case?

A. As a student, he naturally has a set of student supplies, but he also has food and water on hand in case he has to rush from school to work with no time to eat. Additionally, he also has free samples like sweets and cosmetics for men he receives from parties at TV stations.

Illustrator: Kinu Arikawa (@kinu_ppe)

Q. Is the argyle sweater Akechi wears as a casual outfit chosen consciously to evoke Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4?

A. Akechi is aware of his reputation as the “Second Detective Prince”, so he dons it intentionally as part of his self-image.

Q. I would like to know details about where Akechi lives.

A. Akechi lives in a condominium in Tokyo. He has a lot of relationships elsewhere and doesn’t have much of a preference for where he lives. It seems he lives in a room with only a light sense of being lived in, with only a minimum amount of furniture.

Q. Akechi’s hobby is cycling. What kind of bike does he ride?

A. He rides a cyclo-cross bike designed for beginners, bought at a relatively reasonable price. It’s convenient to get around Tokyo, and it doesn’t stand out unnecessarily (it’s not identified as being his own property).

Q. Akechi ate a spicy takoyaki at the culture festival; is he not good with spicy foods?

A. His tolerance level is about average, however because of his competitive nature, he will try to show a higher level of tolerance than others.

Q. Akechi said that he’s left-handed, but could use his right hand for chopsticks. Is there any reason for him to make that kind of effort?

A. There are times when he has to eat at a counter with his superiors, and he has to be careful not to bump arms with them.

Q. Which persona did Akechi first awaken to? Loki or Robin Hood?

A. Both are aspects of Akechi, so there was no order to their awakening.

Q. In Sae Niijima’s Palace, Kasumi says that she was following Joker. If she had been following them in the real world, would she be better at tailing tham then Makoto?

A. The difference may have been that Kasumi was following them out of her own will, as opposed to Makoto who was following them due to a sense of responsibility imposed upon her by others. That may have impacted her success.

Q. What would happen if Kasumi were to take the Big Bang Challenge? Looking at the amount of food she normally keeps in her lunch box, would she easily win?

A. She’s a heavy eater, but she’s also an athlete who is judged on her grace, so she has to be careful about how she eats. She might be able to do it if she just eats it like a normal meal, but it might be difficult to achieve results in the Big Bang Challenge where there is a time limit. Also, since she restrains herself in order to preserve her body shape, she probably wouldn’t be able to face the challenge herself.

Q. Dr. Maruki seems to be a good cook, but what kind of food does he normally prepare for himself?

A. He is aware of the relationship between food and mental health, so when he has the time, he tries to eat well-balanced food with the cheapest and most nutritious ingredients possible (which also don’t affect his mental health by being a financial burden, either). It seems most of his meals are well-prepared, such as boiled or stewed dishes with rice, because he can implement a variety of ingredients at once, and he has less to wash.

Q. Dr. Maruki says, “I like animals, but they don’t like me.” What kind of animals does he like?

A. He seems to like animals that are able to clearly express their moods or intentions. He is also interested in methods of showing intention other than facial expressions, such as barking or changing the body’s color, which are different from humans.

Q. Kasum didn’t seem to be particularly aware of what it meant when the protagonist suggests, “Is it a confession of love?” It seems she wasn’t very interested in romance. What did she think of love at that time?

A. It’s likely she had a certain amount of interest, but it seems her awareness of romance wasn’t that high, with the mindset of, “If you can find a partner, you will feel it.”

Q. I think the sweets provided by Dr. Maruki are to help communicate with the students, but is it also because Maruki himself likfe sweets?

A. Of course, he doesn’t hate seets, but he’s also interested in the usefulness of sweets from the perspective of strangers to create opportunities to interact with others.

Illustrator: Hashima (@hashima000)

Q. I would like to know more about Maruki’s Friend, Shibusawa.

A. When he was a student, Shibusawa used to talk to Maruki about his relationships in the lab and his girlfriend at the time. He knew that Maruki was kind initially, but when he eventually asked for advice, he also discovered that Maruki was a good listener.

Q. There’s a pole with a hat in the infirmary. Is that hat Maruki’s?

A. Since he is not shown wearing the hat, it might not be his, or it might have been given to him by an acquaintance, but does not feel comfortable with it or has not had the chance to wear it.

Q. Ryuji likes ramen, but does he have any particular preference?

A. He prefers a rich taste, so he gravitates towards “thick” or “fatty” ramen. However, he tries to order vegetable toppings as well, since he is still in the habit of moderating his diet from his days in sport clubs.

Illustrator: Yuichi Kida (@kiday)

Q. In the bathhouse, Ryuji said that Ann “seems to be very restrained,” but are there actually any confidants who are particularly restrained when it comes to becoming lovers?

A. Everyone would be an “ideal lover,” if the protagonist hasn’t done anything disturbing.

Q. Morgana leaves the room when Ann spends time with the protagonist in Confidant scenes, but isn’t he a little jealous of the protagonist? I thought Morgana was pretty thoughtful to leave the protagonist and Ann alone without showing any hesitation.

A. Morgana is confident in himself and wants to show off his maturity to Ann, so he tries not to think too negatively about it.

Illustrator: Tsukito (@tsukito53)

Q. About Jose, it wasn’t clear to me who he really was until the end. I would love to know a little more about him!

A. If Jose learns through his studies that “humans want to know about him,” he may tell us about himself.

Q. I want to know what each member of the Phantom Thieves thinks about their thief outfits (whether they like them or not).

A. They might not sign their praises, but each of them likes their thief outfits. A few of the members react to them when they finish their first battle as a thief.

Q. The girl from the newspaper club in the school hallway treats the protagonist well since the start of the story, but what do others think about her? I like her so much that I wanted to have a Confidant with her.

A. She is a bit of an eccentric person who prioritizes her own curiosity above the reputation she has with the people around her, and she doesn’t really care what others think of her. That’s why she is not afraid of the protagonist when he first transfers to the school.

Q. The twin guards have extreme personalities, but does that mean Lavenza also has aspects of them deep within her heart?

A. We’ve got it: If we compare Lavenza to “café au lait”, the twins are like bitter “coffee” and mild “milk.”