Persona 5 Morgana PS4 Theme & Avatars Now Free on the NA PlayStation Store [Update]

Update (2016-12-03): The theme was meant to be restricted to PlayStation Experience 2016 attendees, and has thus been removed for public access.

Following the previously released Ryuji Sakamoto Persona 5 PlayStation 4 “Theme & Avatar” set, a new free edition has been released for Morgana.


Enjoy this PlayStation®4-exclusive Persona 5 Morgana theme & avatar set! Contains a special theme featuring Morgana and three avatars. Personalize your PlayStation®4 with the Phantom Thieves!

PlayStation Store NA Link

This theme and avatar set was previously released in Japan for 200 yen.

Persona 5 was released for the PS3 and PS4 in Japan on September 15, 2016. It will release in North America and Europe on April 4, 2017, and in traditional Chinese and Korean in 2017.

  • Omega068

    Nyaha! :D Morgana’s theme plays a different ost track than Ryuji’s.

  • Diogo Pereira

    cant get the theme :/

  • Joshua Shaw

    “exclusive to Playstation Experience attendees.”

    Oh, okay.

    So you delay the game another 2 months, and continue doing this monopoly “hidden behind a cross-country paywall” bullshit.

    As if your fanbase isn’t pissed enough.

    • Skorm94

      People getting free stuff like this at an event is totally normal. You will still be able to buy this theme when the game gets released. Besides we already got (or will get if you live in the eu) one theme for free.

      • But why restrict the theme sales until the game launch? And then release a few just to tease people.

        It’s already there, let people buy it so they can get some kinda fix.

        It’s not like there isn’t TONS of information out there already that the themes would have something new in them.

        • Jason Ryer

          So you dont get Event swag. This was supposed to be a code more than likely for PSX but got uploaded wrong as a free D/L to everyone. Event/con ex swag happens all the time.

          • It’s not about free swag, it’d be fine if they got it for free and everyone else had to pay. But why make everyone wait when all the stuff is already there for months?

          • Jason Ryer

            Cause thats the way industry marketing promo stuff works, its unfair but thats how the games industry works. They sell tees and merch all the time, this was timed release blame dual audio for some of this cause they prob was already had this set up but they saw sells in Japan and decided to do it like this.

            Be more mad at the persona dlc being paid for CE and LE preorder buyers day one and free to Digital buyers over a damned theme.

    • Mr.Sammich

      Con swag is a thing.

      Only difference between the average con swag and this is that this’ll be made available later, as opposed to being sold second-hand for 200 dollars.

    • TheRealOne

      This is what’s wrong with some gamers. You delay the game for a small period of time and they start bitching about it. Yeah, it’s delayed. But we get free dual audio with that. Even if you don’t care about dual audio or localization in general, 2 month’s is barely a big deal. I ain’t mad. If it’s to better improve the localization since the game is going to be very dialogue heavy.

      • James Jeans

        I wish people would stop waving around the dual audio thing like it’s the ultimate mea culpa for the delay. The dual audio was going to be available regardless of the delay, they just announced it at the same time to try and hand wave the fact that they were never going to hit the February release date in the first place.

        This game has been ritualistically delayed since 2013. At a certain point, it becomes ridiculous.

        • TheRealOne

          The reason the game was delayed was to work on the localization more, given that the game is extremely dialogue heavy. It is 150% bigger in terms of dialogue than persona 4 golden.

          And the game has been delayed several times to polish it and make it really good. So this delay and the previous delays we have had are justified because the game wouldn’t look as good as it is now without then. Its not ridiculous at all if you would rather have a rushed game that is unpolished.

  • TheRadiantOne

    “Unable to Find This Page”

  • I actually went to PSX and got a code and that doesn’t work either! It’s like it has been completely removed from existence.

    • Jason Ryer

      They probably had to whipe it due to the fact of bad coding and it being unlocked to everyone meaning that the codes are now NULL/voided since theres no listing.

      • So the code finally worked… and it was the Ryuji theme again, not the Morgana one. T_T

  • Senpai_Roy

    and has thus been removed for public access <——– lame

  • Yummy Bear

    Persona 5 Ryuji theme is really good. I look forward to the other ones.