Persona 5 New Price Edition Listed for Release on September 6, 2018 in Japan [Update]


Update (2018-07-10): The box art for the discounted re-release has been uploaded on Amazon Japan.


Listings have been posted on Amazon Japan and Rakuten for Persona 5 New Price Edition, a rerelease of Persona 5 at a new lower price.

The Rakuten listing lists a price of 4,470 yen for the re-release, Persona 5 originally retailed for 8,800 yen.

The Amazon listing also includes an edition containing five Persona 5 PS4 themes and avatar sets, the same retailer bonus as the original full price release.

Previously, Atlus has re released titles under the Atlus Best label, including Persona 4 GoldenShin Megami Tensei IVDevil Survivor Overclocked and Etrian Odyssey IV.

Amazon Japan, Rakuten via p5jouhoukyoku

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