Persona 5 Official Art Book Cover Illustration Revealed

Following the announcement of the official art book for Persona 5, the cover illustration for the book has now been revealed by Famitsu.

Cover Illustration


Book Content

The art book will be A4 size and contain 512 pages filled with beautiful visuals and never before seen content from the game. It is a gathering of the charming artwork for Persona 5.

It will include full comments from visual and character designer Shigenori Soejima.

The art book will feature:

  • Full illustrations of those involved with the “Phantom Thieves,” including the main characters and their personas. Additionally, it will have valuable illustrations such as concept art of the characters, rough images, drafts, etc.
  • In-game illustrations as well as familiar battle cuts such as the eye close-ups in battle and the All-Out Attack artwork.
  • Artwork of the game’s box, magazine covers, posters, gallery illustrations.
  • Character commentary from character designer Shigenori Soejima, as well as a long interview about the game. Completely new information about the game.
  • A storyboard of the opening animation, with highlighted details.
  • Personal data about the characters that have not been revealed until now.

Product Details

  • Name: Persona 5 Official Setting Book
  • Price: 3,240 yen
  • Release Date: December 26, 2016
  • Language: Japanese

The art book is now available for pre-order through Amazon Japan and the Atlus D Shop.

Persona 5 was released for the PS3 and PS4 in Japan on September 15, 2016. It will release in North America and Europe on April 4, 2017, and in traditional Chinese and Korean in 2017.


  • IllusionoisullI

    I hope it gets released on Amazon JP, other retailers are too expensive.

    • haku67

      I agree amazon jp is pretty fair when it comes to prices. Also Alex posted a hyperlink for amazon japan preorder page.

      • IllusionoisullI

        GET OUT OF HERE. i don’t know who you are haku67, but know that you just made my month. I am eternally grateful.

        • haku67

          lol you are welcome and yeah its cheaper then I thought it be. :D

      • IllusionoisullI

        hmm it was cheaper than expected I suppose, 4100 yen.

  • ElementaB

    Ordered, though I do want the special bonus through the atlus shop.

  • Vallen

    It kinda gives me GTA vibes haha, cool cover

  • Lord Shiru

    Beautiful cover !!

  • PorchettaMan

    Funny, on one hand I want to buy it, on the other I can’t actually open it without getting the entire game spoiled.

    • haku67

      Same Issue I have right now but 512 pages i think I’ll get it :(

    • Patrick Honeyman

      I’m trying to finish the game before picking this up. My save file tells me I’m near the 100 hour mark and I’m getting towards the end of Summer/August. I could have skipped some of the dialogue and not gone to the mementos dungeon regularly but those are things I would skip for a 2nd playthrough.

      The page count for the artbook is impressive. If there are lots of rough works included that will be nice to see. Makes me think of picking up the P4 one again too.

  • Lusankya

    Ordered it, even though I have to wait until the English version is released here. :(
    But I guess I can probably check out the first few pages without encountering spoilers.