Persona 5: The Phantom X Mobile Game Announced


Earlier today, an official account on the Chinese social media website Weibo was launched for a mobile game called “Persona 5: The Phantom X.”

The official website for the project can be found here. A secret page on the official website can be accessed, bringing users to Leblanc, where upon completion of mini-games artwork is unlocked.

Officially licensed by Sega with involvement from Atlus, the game is a free-to-play mobile RPG set to release in China for Android, Windows PC and iOS in the future. This is the first mobile game in the “Persona 5” series, called “Persona 5: The Phantom X” (and referred to as P5X), created by Perfect World Games’ Black Wings Game Studio.

Persona 5: The Phantom X key artwork.
The brand new group of protagonists.

The goal of P5X was not only to properly represent Persona 5‘s stylized audio-visuals, but to also consider the mobile platform to create an experience accurately evoking its aesthetics.

The first availability to play the project will be on March 29th with an ongoing test application. Players who successfully complete the “Sneak Test” recruitment questionnaire will have a chance to play the game first.

Persona 5: The Phantom X main character with original Persona 5 characters behind him.
The original characters will also make an appearance.


This game focuses on the theme of “desire,” telling a story of teenagers who awaken to the ability of “persona.” They meet, become acquainted, face difficulties and grow side by side. A mysterious long-nosed man in a strange room underwater, an owl that speaks human language, and a world that is very different from reality… all these seemingly unrelated things are connected by something…

P5X main character.
Persona awakened by “desire.”


Protagonist (Code Name: Wonder)

Persona 5: The Phantom X protagonist (Wonder).

This game’s main character. A boy in his second year of high school at Kokatsu Academy. Following an unexpected event, his persona was awakened. His parents have been travelling abroad for a while so he is currently living alone at home in Zōshigaya, Tokyo. He goes to school during the day and travels to other worlds after school. For what reason does he live such a double life? His purpose and reasons are…? His initial persona is Jánošík.

Luffy (Code Name: Cattle)

P5X character Luffy or Luffel.

A mysterious creature that appears before the protagonist in the form of an owl. It can speak human language and transform into a delivery van. Possesses a wealth of knowledge of other worlds, and is calm and reliable in all situations. A very reliable partner. The initial persona is Rob Roy.

Motoha Arai (Code Name: Closer)

P5X character Arai Suwa.

A second year high school girl who attends Kokatsu Academy. The protagonist’s classmate who’s good at sports. Straightforward with a cheerful personality, she’s also considerate of others. Widely popular with male and female students at school. She acts intuitively more than logically, and her academic performance is average. Following a certain event, she awakens to her persona. Her initial Persona is Awilda.


A new Velvet Room assistant of Igor’s.

The P5X Velvet Room attendant called Merope.

Atlus Development

Character designer Shigenori Soejima personally designed the new protagonist along with his own persona. As a senior character designer of the Atlus Art Team, the characters he designed for Persona 5 are very popular among players. The protagonist specially designed for P5X this time was also carefully created after consulting a lot of the information based on this game’s theme.

The P5X protagonist Wonder with his persona Jánošík.
The new protagonist and his new persona, designed by Shigenori Soejima.


Daily Life

P5X reproduces the double life gameplay the series is known for. The player assumes the role of a student in the game and, during the day, the player goes to classes and works hard. In his spare time, he can play baseball, fish, or invite friends to watch a movie together, fully experiencing the joy of a bustling city life.

Whether at school or outside of it, the protagonist will meet various people with different personalities. By becoming friends with them and establishing a cooperative relationship, not only can you unlock abilities, but you’ll better understand people’s untold stories.

Female student design from P5X.

Metaverse Life

At night, the world changes with different themes, where players summon personas to engage in high-energy battles against enemies. The world is represented by the human collective unconsciousness, with the goal of correcting distorted desires.

The P5X protagonist in his student uniform in daily life and Phantom Thief outfit at night.

Story Trailer

Gameplay Trailer


Daily Life

Other World


Code Name X

This project is developed by the Chinese mobile game company Perfect World Games. It had previously been announced in April 2021 as “Code Name X.” All references to it were shortly removed from official sources until now.