Persona 5 Release Window Revealed

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Persona 5, Atlus’ upcoming RPG for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, was previously slated for a 2015 release in Japan and North America. In the recent full year 2015 earnings release for SEGA SAMMY (the company that owns Atlus), Persona 5‘s release window has been revealed as an October to December 2015 launch, both in Japan and North America.Persona 5 Screenshot Castle

SEGA SAMMY’s fiscal year 2015 ended in March 2015. The information of Persona 5‘s release window is apparent because SEGA currently has four confirmed Japanese packaged game titles announced for the first and second quarters of their fiscal year 2016 (inclusively, from April to September 2015):

  1. Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai Deluxe (3DS) [May 28, 2015].
  2. Stella Glow (3DS) [June 4, 2015].
  3. Alien Isolation (PS4/Xbox One) [June 11, 2015].
  4. Persona 4: Dancing All Night (PS Vita) [June 25, 2015].

SEGA’s FY ending March 2016 forecasts through the second quarter indicate that four retail games will be releasing in Japan during that period, as well.

Sega Sammy Release Forecast

This means that Persona 5 is included in the full year forecasts for the number of titles planned for release in Japan, and it will not release before September. SEGA’s fiscal year 2016 fourth quarter represents January, February and March 2016. Therefore, unless Persona 5 has once again been delayed into the next year in Japan—and they’ve recently stated that Persona 5 is still planned for a fiscal year 2016 release—it will be releasing during FY 2016 Q3, or between October and December 2015.

Furthermore, for the North American market, the same conclusion can be made by comparing the already announced, NA packaged game titles from April to September 2015 with SEGA’s release Persona 5 Screenshot Stealthforecasts:

  1. Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX (3DS) [May 26, 2015].
  2. Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight (3DS) [Summer 2015].
  3. Dungeon Travelers 2 (PS Vita) [Summer 2015].
  4. Lost Dimension (PS3/PS Vita) [Summer 2015].
  5. Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (PS3/PS Vita) [Summer 2015].
  6. Stella Glow (3DS) [TBD].
  7. Legend of Legacy (3DS) [TBD].

There are two unaccounted for (potentially Total War and/or Warhammer titles), and Stella Glow and Legend of Legacy are not confirmed for an April to September release, however it is safe to say that, given the Japanese launch window, Persona 5 will release in October, November or December 2015 in North America. Again, this is unless the game has been delayed after its previously confirmed 2015 NA release.

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— FY Ended March 2015 Full Year SEGA SAMMY Results

  • xzeldax3

    Oh shit

  • Ali Hassan

    I’ve looked at results and it doesn’t even mention Persona 5, where are you getting this information from?

    • Yuuki

      through reading behind the lines and knowing what games will come out when and are announced for then. with this its simple math.

  • Buru

    October to December eh…

  • ArminJrpg


  • Will persona 5 be released on ps vita?

    • No, or if it does not for a while, and in a gimped state (P3P).

      • Nico

        With no pc or steam release we either have to have ps3-4 or wait till the ps3 emulator comes to fruition. They are leaving alot of persona fans out in the cold…you would think pc would get a port of some rpg games :(

        • PC isn’t really the place that the majority of JRPG fans are. The majority are on PS. Specifically the consoles.

          • Nico

            Ya that is what the problem is . They are losing out on alot of the fanbase not bringing it to more than one platform, :(

          • Nico

            They are losing alot of fan base not porting the most important ones, its a shame really :3

  • Unless it was delayed (which honestly I think it will be) I had already guessed Oct/Nov (not Dec because IR#FE). But NA getting it within the same month (possibly even same day) or within a month or two of Japan’s release, sounds very unlikely, and even if Japan doesn’t have a delay, NA will. I see no way it can come out in the US that quickly after Japan’s release, unless the translation is subpar and corners are cut like P4AU, which I wouldn’t want.

    • Yuuki

      you know, the translation of p5 is mostlikely as good as done already to begin with. Please remember back in 2014 Atlus was confident enought to say it would come out in the out of the year and i am sure they could have but then sony mostlikely came to them and offered them a deal they couldnt say no to in exchange for releasing a ps4 version of it. Hell maybe sony offered do to the marketing. So now they had to finish the ps3 version, which they mostlikely already where close to anyways and then port it to the ps4 which takes an additional year.

      And knowing atlus usa they started translating the game by 2015 already.

      • I can see it coming out in Japan this year, but no way will it be out this year in the US. Early next year? Yes. It will suck having to avoid spoilers for a couple months but eh.

        • Yuuki

          who said that it will take as long, atlus usa managed to release other game within weeks and you can be sure that they can do the same with persona 5 with howmuch time they had to translate it by then.

          • They are getting quicker but Persona 5 is assumedly going to be a massive game and despite having this entire year they’ve had a lot of other projects besides P5 to work on too.

    • byakuran

      yeah I have to agree with Yuuki on this one they were really confident enough to say p5 would come 2014 but the reason its was pushed back was the ps4 remember and do not forget about persona 4 in 2008 it came out just a month after its Japaneses release and that was a on the ps2 I think your reading way into this

      • Yuuki

        not true, p4 came out july and came to the usa in december.

        • byakuran

          oh but the time gap was still in the same year right

          • Yuuki


          • 6 months. October + 6 = April 2016. I doubt it will be that far out, but Probably February 2016. And November 2015 for Japan.

          • byakuran

            i don,t think so if its October for them then it will be December for us or they will do then unexpected and say the game will release world wide because atlus usa is working wit atlus of japan plus a lot of the games have bean coming out quicker as of late

          • I REALLY don’t see that happening but we will find out… eventually. Not E3.

          • byakuran

            who knows maybe E3 like a said the unexpected i mean look at Pokemon x and y those where fully 3D Pokemon games for the first time YET they got a world wide release so I REALLY think we might have I chance

          • I doubt E3 will give us anything new but I’d like to be wrong. I mean we definitely will not see anything new from the game itself I am certain but a more tight release time would be awesome and not impossible even if unlikely.

          • AzureMoon00

            I’m sure we’ll see new stuff at E3 and finally get some incentive on the release date. They said they won’t run out of new stuff to show. I’m confident the game will release this year in 2015, don’t let others who have fallen into despair get you down.

          • Delusional fool.

          • We will see the February trailer at E3 as always we get the rehash. If we are lucky we will get a release date update but even then I doubt we will get that much. I cannot see it coming in 2015 in the US at least. Maybe Japan but eh. Also even if they said they wouldn’t run out of things to show and they surely won’t they literally could show is a crap load more than they have. They’ve shown us barely anything after all. But they will continue the trend of Japan getting new stuff and then the US gets the same stuff a few months later. The reason they’ve given us nothing for several months now is so they can focus on Persona 4: Dancing All Night which would be completely ignored if Persona 5 was talked about. We aren’t getting anything new at E3 I guarantee it. Especially since the release of Persona 4: Dancing All Night like a week after includes a Bluray with Persona 5 news on it. They wouldn’t give news that quickly. And again E3 would still be before the release of Persona 4: Dancing All Night, especially in the west. Also as I said they always give the Japanese audience news first and just give us repeats of that news. By giving us news at E3 that would break the trend majorally and not make any sense in any capacity. She it is possible but not likely. And guess what I was right previously written May 5th. I would happily be wrong though. And I have been before. 1 it would be more Persona 5 news which I am all for. 2 it would be earlier which again I’m all for. 3 it would actually make E3 good and worth it to me, as it stands E3 is going to be completely useless and boring to me. So yah that my thoughts on it. But believe what you will. I cannot stop you from believing something despite how silly it is to believbelieveer it

          • byakuran

            lets face it you can not set here and tell me you expected Pokemon to get a world wide release no one saw that coming there was not even a hint so lets be real for a bit

          • Nope didn’t see it, but it was a nice surprise.

    • Brosuke Hanamura

      Why must you always be so un-hopeful? ;3;

      • The gaming industry has failed me too much. It has dropped off a cliff ever since PS3/XB360 maybe even before that.

  • It’s been obvious for months that P5 is getting a Q4 release.

    • byakuran

      you be shock how unobvious its is atlus had the slips sealed when it came to persona 5 so no one knew if they were working on it but most likely they were and could not say anything the only reason it was pushed to 2015 was for the ps4 port so a 2015 releases is still there

    • pattywagon

      I expected it in Japan for sure, but US it was a 50/50 chance due to localizing titles takes time. I recall almost a year gap for Persona 4 Golden between Japan and the US, and that game was just a remastered version with some additional stuff added.

      • James Jeans

        Chances are, they’re localizing it while they finish up the Japanese version. This game is a big deal for both Sony and Atlus. They need it to be out in 2015. I think we’ll get it within a month or two of the Japanese release.

    • ShadowOfAnimes

      whats a q4 release?

      • Quarter 4; games releasing in October to December.

    • WiicardoBA

      No Sh.. Sherlock

  • Franz Pogi

    damn i need vita for persona 5 on a handheld think about that

    • It isn’t coming to the Vita though…

      • Joseph Greenwood

        Sorry for the late reply, but I think Franz meant the fact that the Vita can remote play all PS4 games.

  • pattywagon

    I really hope this is true. There are rumors that Persona 5 will be at E3, and if that is the case, then I expect a US release date then.

    • It will be there, but I doubt we will get the date.

  • Yuuki

    BTW “SEGA’s FY ending” is kinda wrong. those aren from SEGA but from SEGA Sammy.

    If this would be from sega alone then this wouldnt say anything about persona. but luckily it isnt.

  • disqus_OSZ9Yf4LID

    Alien isolation already released it says june 2015

  • Jono62

    …And once again Atlus/Sega is going to dick over Europe…

  • ednice

    Alright guys….what about Europe?