New Persona 5 Royal Details, 20 New Songs, Reason Behind Name, New Confidants Teased


Following the preview for this week’s issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine which will feature Persona 5 Royal, key details from the developer interview have leaked.


  • The term “Royal” comes from the desire to create a polished, extravagant title.
  • The name “Royal” was decided early in development.

Kasumi Yoshizawa

  • Kasumi adds to the perspectives and flavor in the story, and adds more depth to the existing characters.
  • Kasumi was carefully implemented to naturally blend into the story.
  • The developers were careful to not cause incongruity with her design when lined up with existing characters.
  • As you proceed in the game, you will see a different side of her from the teaser PV. She will develop through her Confidant story.
  • Unlike Marie, Kasumi’s design was made to not appear strange alongside the protagonist, despite being iconic to P5R.
  • Her design is straightforward, meant to evoke a classical heroine.
  • Although her stance is not to stand alongside the protagonist, since she’s a P5R icon, her Phantom Thief look makes her seem like she would be paired with the main character.


  • The Confidant Takuto Maruki is a “counsellor” and a school official, who is also involved with Ryuji and Ann, with scenes that will show their inner feelings.
  • Because Maruki appears as a kind adult, the developers believe players will enjoy a different kind of fresh exchange from the confrontations with bad adults.
  • As you progress through Kasumi’s and Maruki’s Confidants, different benefits will be earned.
  • If you were to ask whether there’ll be more new Confidants besides these two, between “YES” and “NO,” the answer is “YES.” Please wait for a follow-up.

Additions & Changes

  • It’s not only new elements that are being added. It will be made easier to earn a good amount of experience points so that the game can be played through more quickly.
  • Play Assist is a more advanced function than the Vox Populi mechanic [from Persona 4 Golden]. It will indicate a location while taking into account different parameters and the available Confidant characters, with the ability to move with one button.
  • The volume of the third semester will be more than expected for those who experienced the volume of P4G.
  • There are around 20 new BGM songs.
  • During conversations, many new illustrations have been made to make the visuals look fresh.


  • Much of the game has been brushed up, except for new characters and the third semester.
  • The final portions are currently in development.


  • If you have save data from P5, you will gain some kind of bonus. There is no carrying over.
  • There is a scene where the mysterious new character sleeps in the same bed with the protagonist.

The interviewees are Daiki Ito (director), Kazuhisa Wada (producer), and Shigenori Soejima (character designer).

Weekly Famitsu magazine #1588—or the May 23, 2019 issue—will be released on May 9, 2019. Atlus also previously teased follow-up information on Persona 5 Royal for May 9th.

Persona 5 Royal will be released on The PS4 in Japan on October 31, 2019. It will be released in the West and Asia in 2020.

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