Persona 5 Royal FuRyu Goro Akechi Noodle Stopper, ‘Wild’ Heroes Hook Prize Figures Announced


The Japanese entertainment company FuRyu has announced that they will be releasing a Persona 5 Royal prize figure of Goro Akechi as a “noodle stopper figure,” designed to be placed on top of cup noodle lids.

A teaser image of the prototype, which is under official supervision, has been unveiled.

Additionally, FuRyu will be releasing three separate “Wild” heroes hook prize figures. These figures feature the protagonists of Persona 3Persona 4, and Persona 5.

Further details for both of the prize figures will be announced at a future date.

A noodle stopper prize figure for Joker was previously announced for a February 2020 release. As a prize figure, it will be available through means such as crane games in Japan.