Many New Persona 5 Royal Screenshots, Ryuji, Ann, Yusuke Character Art, New Elements Overview


Atlus has sent a press release for Persona 5 Royal detailing the various new elements added to the school life and combat parts of the game, along with the new location Kichijoji.

Descriptions for the protagonist, Ryuji Sakamoto, Ann Takamaki and Yusuke Kitagawa are included, along with their new personas.

The Protagonist (Voiced by Jun Fukuyama)


The main character of this game. A second-year high school student who transferred to Tokyo in spring. After a certain incident, he awakens to his “persona.” He lives in the attic of a cafe owned by an acquaintance of his parents. He lives a normal student life during the day, but acts as a phantom thief after school, causing an uproar in the city. His initial persona is Arsene.

Ryuji Sakamoto (Voiced by Mamoru Miyano)

A second-year who goes to the same school as the protagonist. His rough behavior and speech makes him stand out, but he is an emotional, chivalrous person who gets things done. After a certain event, he becomes known as a “problem child” around school. He meets the protagonist who just transferred from another school, and awakens to his persona ability.

New Persona: William

“Persona” is the power of one’s spirit. In “Persona 5,” each unique persona evolves as a friend’s resolve grows. In this game, the personas of your companions will evolve even further. Ryuji’s new persona is “William.” It is believed to be the real name of the medieval European pirate “Captain Kidd.” A ruffian who gathered financing from aristocrats and became renowned as a world-famous pirate.

Ann Takamaki (Voiced by Nana Mizuki)

A second-year at Shujin Academy and a classmate of the protagonist’s. She is a quarter American, and she also works as a model. She has a kind and honest personality, but she feels isolated because of her conspicuous appearance. She meets the protagonist, and awakens to her persona ability after a certain event.

New Persona: Celestine

“Persona” is the power of one’s spirit. In “Persona 5,” each unique persona evolves as a friend’s resolve grows. In this game, the personas of your companions will evolve even further. Ann’s new persona is “Celestine.” A beautiful actress who played the role of Carmen for the first time in the opera “Carmen.” It is said that she was a woman with a strong will, who composed music for the opera herself.

Yusuke Kitagawa (Voiced by Tomokazu Sugita)

A second-year at Kosei High School, he is a scolarship student devoted to his paintings in an art course. Although he is an eye-catchingly handsome young man, he has a peculiar sensibility that is detached from reality. He lives as an apprentice under a master of Japanese painting. He meets the protagonist, and awakens to his persona after a certain incident.

New Persona: Gorokichi

“Persona” is the power of one’s spirit. In “Persona 5,” each unique persona evolves as a friend’s resolve grows. In this game, the personas of your companions will evolve even further. Yusuke’s new persona is “Gorokichi.” One theory suggests that this was the childhood name of Ishikawa Goemon. There is also a theory that he was a runaway ninja at the Iga-ryū​ ninja school, and that while studying there, he went under the name “Gorokichi.”

Enjoy the third semester!

In this game, life during the third semester which did not take place in “Persona 5” will be depicted. In the third semester, each member of the Phantom Thieves will have surprising events. You will also be able to enjoy various new elements, such as events unique to this period of time, and friends’ winter clothes.

A university scouting Ryuji?

Ann’s best friend, Shiho, returns to Shujin Academy!

Yusuke has reconciled with his master Madarame!

Further evolution to the exhilirating combat!

The Persona series is known for its familiar turn-based, command battle system. If you hit the enemy’s weak point, the enemy is knocked down and you can ttack once again. If all of the enemies are knocked down, you can initiate an “All-Out Attack.” In Persona 5 Royal, this familiar system returns with various new elements.

Attack the enemy’s weak point and knock them down!

All enemies knocked down results in an All-Out Attack!

Target enemies efficiently using Baton Touch

When a character can act again after striking an enemy’s weakness, they can use “Baton Touch” to transfer their ability to act to another companion. If Baton Touch is successful, the attack power and resilience of the companion will increase. If the baton is passed around to all of the companions, the last character’s SP consumption will be reduced to zero.

[NEW] Baton Touch Ranks

In this game, Baton Touch ranks have been added. By increasing Baton Touch ranks, you can gain bonuses such as increased offensive power and resilience while passing the baton, and SP recovery. Increase Baton Touch rank and efficiently defeat enemies!

[NEW] Accessories that can use skills

New accessories equipped on a character can be used to also equip specific skills. You will be able to use skills outside of a character’s normal growth, and thus the range of available tactics will be expanded.

[NEW] New personas added!

In this game, in addition to the personas that appeared in “Persona 5,” new personas have been added. Acquire them by negotiation and fusion.

[NEW] Traits

In this game, “traits” have been added to each persona adding special effects. There are various traits, such as “SP consumption of skills of a specific attribute reduced” and “damage of all attack skills increased.” These traits can be transferred through fusion.


New “SHOW TIME” techniques have been added to battle, where members of the Phantom Thieves join forces to unlease powerful attacks. As the story progresses and the bonds between friends deepen, they will each propose new techniques. Because they can deliver a large amount of damage to an enemy, make active use of it.

The new city Kichijoji

After school or on holidays, you can visit real world cities such as Shibuya and Shinjuku, experiencing various encounters and events. Kichijoji has become one such place newly introduced in this game. Visit a variety of new facilities such as darts, a jazz club, a used clothing store, and a temple.

Billiards develops bonds and improves your abilities!

You can play billiards with friends. In addition to deepening the bonds with your friends, there is also a possibility that the protagonist’s parameters such as strength, dexterity, and charm will increase based on his technical skill during the game.

Increase Baton Touch rank with darts!

The Baton Touch rank added to this game can be improved by playing darts with friends at Kichijoji. Darts can be thrown by aiming and tilting the controller with proper timing. Invite your friends and enjoy darts.

Strengthen companions’ personas at the jazz club!

You can also visit Kichijoji’s jazz club at night with your friends. Enjoy non-alcoholic drinks together, and deepening your bonds will enhance the ability of their personas.

Meditate in the temple!

You can meditate in the temple. If you meditate quietly, the maximum value of your SP will increase.

Exchange spare armor at the second-hand clothing store for prizes!

An old-fashioned clothing store in Kichijoji has a reputation for an unusual lineup. There, you can give away spare armor found in Palaces and Mementos. You can earn points for the armor, and exchange them for various prizes.

There are other various stores!

There are a number of other stores along the street and alleys. Could you discover rare items?

Mysterious merchant…?

In the back alley of Kichijoji is a mysterious merchant searching for items. If you give him the item he wants, you’ll be able to echange it for useful equipment.

Persona 5 Royal will be released on The PS4 in Japan on October 31, 2019. It will be released in the West and Asia in 2020.