[Spoilers] Persona 5 Royal Trophy List Revealed


With one day left until the Japanese release of Persona 5 Royal, the game’s PlayStation 4 trophies have been released. There are 53 in total, where most of them are the same as in the original Persona 5.

The trophies do not contain any spoilers for new narrative content in Persona 5 Royal, however many relate to new features and mechanics in the game.

The trophies for the original release of Persona 5 can be seen in a previous post.


Trophy List Header Image

Persona 5 Royal Trophies

Legendary Phantom Thief (Platinum)

Obtain all trophies.

Castle of Lust Falls (Bronze, Hidden)

Complete the Castle Palace

Museum of Vanity Closes (Bronze, Hidden)

Complete the Museum Palace

Bank of Gluttony Goes Bankrupt (Bronze, Hidden)

Complete the Bank Palace

Pyramid of Wrath Collapses (Bronze, Hidden)

Complete the Pyramid Palace

Spaceport of Greed Destroyed (Bronze, Hidden)

Complete the Spaceport Palace

Casino of Jealousy Shut Down (Bronze, Hidden)

Complete the Casino Palace

Cruiser of Pride Sinks (Bronze, Hidden)

Complete the Cruiser Palace

The True Trickster (Bronze, Hidden)

Complete Mementos

Recapture The Future (Bronze, Hidden)

Clear all Palaces

Chosen Path (Gold, Hidden)

See the ending

Soul of Rebellion (Bronze)

Obtain the Persona Arsene

Phantom Thieves Formed (Bronze)

Form the Phantom Thieves

A Step Towards Social Reform (Bronze)

Clear a mission

Mask of an Honor Student (Silver)

Rank first place on your exams

True Talent (Silver)

Max out all social stats

Tokyo Enjoyment (Bronze)

Take someone to a hangout spot

My Best Partner (Silver)

Enter a special relationship with someone

A True Confidant (Silver)

Max out a confidant

Awakening of a Phantom Thief (Bronze)

Reach the final evolution of a teammate’s Persona

I Am Thou (Bronze)

Obtain a Persona through negotiation

Connected Hands (Bronze)

Perform a baton pass

Let’s Get Flashy (Bronze)

Defeated an enemy using a Kyoma explosion

The First Wire (Bronze)

Used the wire to move

Technician (Bronze)

Generated technical damage

Extraordinary Thief (Silver)

Obtained a Palace Boss’ skill accessory

A Phantom Thief’s Duty (Bronze)

Obtain a Treasure Demon

Showtime! (Bronze)

Use a Showtime move

Jose’s Customer (Bronze)

Exchange flowers with Jose

First Stamp (Bronze)

Use a stamp station in Mementos

In Search of Power (Silver)

Maxed out Mementos’ cognitive changes

Mementos Incident (Bronze)

Encountered an event in Mementos

A Unique Rebel (Silver)

Defeat the Reaper

Execution Leading to Rebirth (Bronze)

Perform a Guillotine execution

Nominating the Twins (Bronze)

Perform a Group Guillotine execution

Smoked Mask (Bronze)

Use an incense on a persona sent to a cell

Atop Countless Sacrifices (Bronze)

Perform a Gallows execution

Beware of Accidents (Bronze)

Perform an execution during a fusion warning

A Sublime Experiment (Bronze)

Perform an Electric Chair execution

Leblanc Sweeper (Bronze)

Cleaned the inside of Leblanc

Good Luck, Part-Timer (Bronze)

Work a part-time job

The City’s Hard Hitter (Bronze)

Hit a home run at the batting cages

Beware of Long Baths (Bronze)

Get dizzy at the public baths

Getting Rich Quick (Bronze)

Win the lottery

Crane Gamer (Bronze)

Win a prize from a crane game

Surprising Value (Bronze)

Sell used clothing at the used clothes store

Darts Player (Bronze)

Played darts

Road to Hustler (Bronze)

Played billiards

Introduction to Jazz (Bronze)

Visit a jazz club

Mind Control (Bronze)

Use the temple

Under-the-Table Goods (Bronze)

Customize a gun

Fishing Debut (Bronze)

Catch a fish at the fishing pond

Akiba Master (Bronze)

Order from the special menu at the maid cafe

Persona 5 Royal will be released on The PS4 in Japan on October 31, 2019. It will be released in the West in Spring 2020, with a Traditional Chinese and Korean release on February 20, 2020.