Persona 5 Royal x Darts Hive Set Announced for Release on November 22, 2019


Following the Persona 5 Royal collaboration with the physical DARTSLIVE game machines in Japan, darts manufacturer Darts Hive has announced a similar collaboration with P5R.

The Persona 5 Royal darts set produced by Darts Hive will be released on November 22, 2019. Priced at 12,000 yen, pre-orders for this set will begin on November 15th at 3:00 PM JST.

The darts are produced with genuine tungsten, which is what the professionals use. It has an outline and cut that are easy for beginners to handle, and it is recommended for newcomers to darts. The gold color coating bears the Phantom Thief mark.


  • Material: Tungsten
  • Single Weight: 18.0 g
  • Total Length: 42.1 mm
  • Maximum Diameter: 7.2 mm
  • Type: 2BA


Representing the members of the Phantom Thieves, all 9 of the characters are included as dart flights, with 3 flights each for a total of 27.


A limited edition DARTSLIVE Persona 5 Royal card is included with this set.

Darts Hive