Persona 5 Royal x Star Ocean: Anamnesis Collaboration Teased [Update]


Update (2019-09-14): Square Enix has announced that Persona 3 characters will also be featured in this collaboration.

Update (2019-09-13): Square Enix has announced that characters from Persona 4 will also be part of this collaboration.


Square Enix has announced that they will be implementing a Persona 5 Royal collaboration in their mobile RPG Star Ocean: Anamnesis.

Alongside this announcement is the launch of a special website for the collaboration, with a calling card saying “Persona will join Star Ocean.”

Details of the collaboration will be announced at Tokyo Game Show 2019, during an official live stream called “Star Ocean Program R” TGS 2019 Special Stage broadcast around 3:40 PM JST on September 15 (11:40 PM PDT on September 14 / 2:40 AM EDT / Other Time Zones).

The stage show is primarily for the latest information on Star Ocean: First Departure R, an HD remaster of Star Ocean 1, and Star Ocean: Anamnesis.


  • Takaaki Kai (Producer)
  • Evelysse (played by gravure idol Yuno Mizusawa)
  • Tomokazu Sugita (voice actor)
  • Ayumi Miyazaki (dancer)
  • Lotus Juice (singer)
  • Arisa Noto (MC)

Live Streams

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