Persona 5 Standard Edition Includes a Limited Edition PS4 Controller Skin

Atlus USA has announced that standard edition copies of Persona 5 will include a limited edition skin for the PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 wireless controller.

The Phantom Thieves of Hearts are full of surprises, so it’s no wonder they decided to leave their mark on the standard edition version of Persona 5! Those who have missed out on the “Take Your Heart” Premium and SteelBook editions will receive a DualShock®4 Wireless Controller skin with their standard edition of the game! This stylish decal features a few members of the motley crew known as The Phantom Thieves, and is the perfect accompaniment for a long night of stealing hearts. The controller skin is available inside marked copies of the standard PS4 in the Americas while supplies last.

Oh, and we also enlisted the help of Ann Takamaki’s voice actor Erika Harlacher in our newest video. Watch Erika, aided by the ghost of former PR Manager John Hardin, reveal the decal and demonstrate the proper way to Persona-ify a controller!

Persona 5 was released for the PS3 and PS4 in Japan on September 15, 2016. It will release in North America and Europe on April 4th, 2017, in Traditional Chinese on March 23, 2017, and in Korean in 2017.

  • sillyfudgemonkeys

    Really Atlus, isn’t this something you’d include in all editions? Now I have to buy a 2nd edition even tho I’m already buying the more expensive one? ;w;

    • Boston John

      ITS not even in the actual launch edition

  • Inugami Shadow

    Atlus need to get this fixed! I understand if all you can afford is the standard, but why should the people who are paying more for the Take Your Heart Edition, have to be left out of that. We might as well just say that the people who get standard, would also get the same DLCs for free that the JP verison got that we’re not getting at all.

  • globspeed

    I’m so salty that this isn’t included in the TYH edition.

  • Jamie Verney

    i will be so annoyed if this isnt included in my edition too this is so stupid… granted its a nice little gift but if im paying like $100 extra i also want it

  • AbdurRasheed Sadiq

    Very disrespectful move by Atlus. For those of us who have spent more on the collector’s edition, why are we left wanting something that’s in the standard edition? It’s stupid. If you want to give a freebie to everyone then great, but it should be for EVERYONE. Giving a freebie to those who AREN’T paying for the collector’s edition and not those who ARE is a big diss by Atlus and I hope there’s a big backlash from the community.

  • It is f*cking stupid that now i have to pay extra so i can get the decal after im already buying the TYHE

  • Torri-

    Such a weird move for Altus who always handle things so well. I’m so salty.