Persona 5 Tactica Officially Revealed, New Details, Screenshots


During the Xbox Games Showcase 2023, the new Persona 5 strategy spin-off game, called Persona 5 Tactica, was officially announced after it was leaked earlier in the week. It will be released on November 17, 2023 for Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series platforms, and Windows PC.

The official Japanese website has been launched here, while the English website can be found here.

Who is the mysterious girl who saved Joker and his allies? What is the deal she proposes for their cooperation in the revolution? Witness the thrilling revolutionary drama that the Phantom Thieves embark on!


Just before the graduation ceremony, on a snowy day at Café Leblanc. After school, the members of the “Phantom Thieves of Hearts” gather and chat when suddenly, a supernatural phenomenon appears on TV, accompanied by a powerful tremor within the cafe. While everyone was confused, the door to Leblanc emits an eerie light.

With caution, they open the door, only to find themselves in an unfamiliar world they had never seen before—a mysterious realm reminiscent of medieval Europe. In this enigmatic world, a group of armed forces called the “Legion” mercilessly oppress and rule over the town and citizens. Joker and his comrades, labeled as rebels, are immediately surrounded by the Legion, facing a desperate situation.

At that moment, a mysterious individual who introduces herself as “Revolutionary Leader Elle” comes to their rescue, saving them from certain doom. The Phantom Thieves find themselves caught in a predicament, and they reluctantly agree to a deal proposed by Elle for their cooperation in the revolution. What awaits them in this revolution…?


Protagonist (Voice: Jun Fukuyama)

The protagonist of this story, a second-year high school student. He gets involved in the “mental shutdown incidents” that occur in Tokyo, which leads to his awakening of Persona abilities. He’s the leader of the “Phantom Thieves of Hearts,” a group that aims to reform the corrupt hearts of rotten adults. His code name is “Joker.”

While conversing with the members of the Phantom Thieves at Café Leblanc, they suddenly find themselves lost in a mysterious alternate world. His Persona is Arsène.

Morgana (Voice: Ikue Otani)

A black cat (?) capable of speaking human language, who was trapped in an alternate world until rescued by the protagonist. From that point on, he accompanies the protagonist and acts as a guide. In the real world, he appears as a normal cat and can speak, but to others, he only makes cat-like sounds.

Morgana possesses extensive knowledge of the alternate world and serves as both a guide and a mascot-like presence for the Phantom Thieves. His Persona is Zorro.

Elle (Voice: Rie Takahashi)

A new character, the mysterious girl “Elle,” appears and rescues Joker and his allies from their desperate situation. She cannot stand idly by while people suffer unjustly and tends to rush headlong into things without much thought. Despite her lack of attention to detail, her energetic and cheerful nature, coupled with her proactive attitude, earns her the trust of the “Revolutionary Army,” of which she is the leader.

In order to overthrow the oppressive rulers and achieve a revolution in the city, she proposes a deal for cooperation with the Phantom Thieves. However, what lies ahead for them as they work together towards their revolutionary goals?

New Battle System!

This game, which is the first strategy RPG in the “Persona” series, allows players to form a party with the members of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts (including the protagonist, Joker) and the new character, Elle.

The key to battles lies in the positioning and coordination of both allies and enemies within the party of three. Execute stylish tactics with precision!

While introducing a new battle system, the distinctive features of the battles in “Persona 5” remain intact. Take cover behind walls for ranged attacks, approach for close-range strikes, and of course, utilize the powers of “Persona” for devastating attacks. Furthermore, landing a critical hit on an enemy that knocks them down triggers a “1 MORE,” allowing for an extra action.

And of course, the beloved “All-Out Attack” is also present! When an enemy is knocked down, the three team members can “surround” them and unleash the powerful “TRIBANGLE” attack. Unleash the all-out attack for massive damage and overwhelm your foes in one fell swoop!

Music & DLC Information

Heart-Resounding Guitar Sounds

The game’s musical concept revolves around a straightforward rock sound with a focus on guitar. Lyn (Lyn Inazumi) takes charge of the vocal tracks, including the opening, ending, and battle songs. As for the sound composer, it is none other than Toshiki Konishi from the Atlus Sound Team, who also made an appearance as a guitarist at the Persona Super Live 2022 event!

DLC Episode: “Repaint Your Heart”

For those who have enjoyed the main game, an additional downloadable content episode will be released! This DLC introduces a highly anticipated character available exclusively in the DLC. Not only will players experience a new story, but they can also enjoy thrilling battles with new rules!

The DLC can be accessed by purchasing the deluxe edition “Persona 5 Tactica Digital Deluxe” or by purchasing the DLC individually. Stay tuned for further updates and details!

First-Print Copy Persona Bonus

The first-come, first-served purchase bonus includes DLC that allows players to summon special Personas, “Orpheus Picaro,” and “Izanagi Picaro,” which can be used in the game. This bonus is available for both the physical version and the downloadable version.