Persona 5 Tactica PV2 and Nyahoo News Volume 3 Released


As previously announced, Atlus has released the second PV trailer for Persona 5 TacticaPV2 focuses on the second Kingdom, and also officially reveals that the DLC Repaint Your Heart will feature Goro Akechi and Kasumi Yoshizawa.

English Subtitled:

Atlus has also released Volume 3 of Nyahoo News:


In a complete shift from the Western Style town which was Marie’s Kingdom, the Phantom Thieves and Erina wander into a Japanese style Kingdom. Before they could catch their breath, they ran into a woman being attacked. Although they succeed in rescuing her, she is put on a wanted list.

The woman, Yuki, explains that the Kingdom’s ruler is Yoshiki. Outwardly he is praised as a benevolent ruler who values love, however he has surveillance cameras, Eyes, all over the Kingdom to monitor people. Any showing the slightest disobedience are caught and forced into servitude, in the name of love.

Joker decides to stand up to Yoshiki’s dictatorship, starting with freeing people held captive in the garrisons.

In order to fool the eyes of the camera and Yoshiki’s followers, on Yuki’s advice, the Phantom Thieves head to a kimono shop in town. The team disguises as samurai, geisha and town girls to attract the attention of the enemy. They split into two groups, one to distract and one to rescue the captives and shut down the security cameras.

The operation succeeds, but celebrations are short lived, as a furious Yoshiki descends from the sky and declares:

“Ho-ho-ho, I forgive your irreverence, for thanks to you I have finally found you…”

“…Who sir?”


Yusuke Kitagawa

A second year high school student who aspires to be an artist, attending Kosei High School. His paintings are highly acclaimed. In the past his talent was taken advantage of by his mentor, however once he met the Phantom Thieves, and learned of their true identities in another world, he was able to part ways with him.

He awoken to his Persona abilities and became a member of the Phantom Thieves of Heart.

He has an eye catching and well groomed appearance, however he is so devoted to his art that he will often make outlandish and confusing comments.

His Persona is Goemon.

Makoto Niijima

A third year high school student attending Shuji Academy. She was focused on being an honor student due to the influence of her strict older sister.

She was taken advantage of by adults, but was able to break out of her shell and gained the ability to use a Persona, becoming a member of the Phantom Thieves of Heart.

She is president of the student council at Shujin Academy, and acts as the older sister of the Phantom Thieves.

She is also a martial artist who will strike down enemies with her fists. Her iron fist punishment is something even Ryuji fears.

Her Persona is Johanna.

Futaba Sakura

A genius hacker girl who once caused a global sensation. She blamed herself for her mothers death due to selfish adults, and lived as a shut in.

She was not good with interpersonal communication, and was scared of going out in public.

By regaining her true memories, she awoke to her Persona abilities. With the Phantom Thieves she acts as a navigator to support her comrades from the back.

Her Persona is Necronomicon.

Haru Okumura

The daughter of the president of Okumura Foods, a major restaurant company. She was once forced into a political marriage under her father’s command.

She awoke to her Persona abilities, lending her the courage to defy her father’s influence. She lost her father due to events, but overcame her grief and was able to fight on.

She has a kind and gentle personality and a strong sense of justice. She can be a little naïve and silly. She even called herself Beauty Thief.

Her Persona is Milady.

Battle Tactics and Difficulty

During an allies turn, you can switch which character you are operating with a single button. You can move, and switch characters as much as you like until you perform an action. You can take your time when thinking about who should move first.

Switching characters is the most important action for setting up the Triple Threat all out attack. It allows you to surround more enemies in a wider area.

The games systems benefit characters with the high ground. By using melee attacks against enemies higher up, it is possible to knock them down, and if there are allies next to where they land, a followup attack will activate.

In addition to the normal Musketeer enemy, there are other types, including the Rampart, who can jump and will counterattack when attacked, and the Accompanist who can use buffs and healing.

If an allies’ HP reaches zero during battle, the baton can be passed to friends who are on standby.

There are 5 levels of difficulty, which can be changed at any time

Velvet Room

The resident of the Velvet Room in this game is Lavenza, dressed as a blacksmith. The Velvet Room takes the form of a smelter from the industrial revolution.

It is possible to fuse Personas, and in some cases accidents might even occur.

Combine the Personas obtained after battle and strengthen them even further.


The resident of the Velvet Room, who takes the form of a young girl.

She has the role of assisting and watching over the protagonist.

She is polite and takes her duties seriously, but also can have an eccentric side.

In this story, she resides in a velvet room with a smelter like interior, wears a blacksmith outfit and undertakes Persona fusion.

DLC: Repaint Your Heart

In the DLC scenario, Goro Akechi and Kasumi Yoshizawa will appear. Pursue the truth behind a painting of Arsene which has suddenly appeared in Tokyo, and the mystery of the masked artist Guernica.

This DLC will be released on November 17, 2023


Guernica is a masked artist, using the city as a canvas who draws a huge artwork in one night. Their bold actions have caught the world’s attention. Mysterious graffiti has appeared around Tokyo, including a depiction of Arsene, a figure that nobody but a Persona user could know.

Joker receives a call from Kasumi Yoshizawa and heads for the scene. When discussing the mysterious painting with Goro Akechi who happened to be there to investigate he hears a mysterious voice.

“Take back my heart”

Goro Akechi

A third year high school student with the title of detective, he has seen to the resolution of various cases and is respected by the police.

He has a clear mind, friendly personality and good looks.

He appears in the media a lot and is sometimes called the second coming of the detective prince.

He is in pursuit of the Phantom Thieves, but ends up working together with them for various reasons.

His Persona is Robin Hood.

Kasumi Yoshizawa

A beautiful girl who joined Shijun Academy in the spring of the same year that the protagonist moved in. She has been an excellent rhythmic gymnast since junior high school, and the academy has high expectations for her future.

Her Persona is Cendrillon

Persona 5 Tactica will be released worldwide for Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and Steam on November 17, 2023.

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