Persona 5 the Animation Art Book Cover Art Revealed, Preview Pages


Following the announcement of the “Persona 5 the Animation Artworks” for a May 20, 2019 release in Japan, the cover art for it has been revealed along with sample pages.

The art book will be titled “Persona 5 the Animation Artworks,” and will consist of 272 pages, covering art works created for all 26 episodes and two specials of the animation.

We will show you all of Persona 5 the Animation

Persona 5 the Animation is a fully animated version of the juvenile RPG Persona 5 which is popular both in Japan and abroad. With the huge amount of artwork created for all 26 episodes of the TV broadcast and the 2 special episodes, uncover the whole story of the “Phantom Thieves” who took the world by storm!

Previously, a Keyframe Art Book for the anime was sold at Comiket 95 in December 2018.

Product Details

  • Page Count: 272 pages (soft cover)
  • Publisher: PIE International
  • Language: Japanese
  • Release Date: May 20, 2019
  • Price: 2,808 yen
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