Persona 5 the Animation Episode 16 Preview Images


The 16th episode of Persona 5 the Animation, titled “This place is my grave”, will be broadcast tomorrow on July 21st, and preview images for it have been released.


The Phantom Thieves are approached by a mysterious person claiming to be Alibaba who wants to make a deal with them to reform someone, in exchange for dealing with Medjed. The target is called Futaba Sakura, a girl who has a certain relationship with Sojiro.


  • Scenario: Kazuho Hrodo
  • Storyboard: Tomohisa Taguchi
  • Director: Hitomi Ezoe
  • Animation Director: Eisuke Matsuhara, Tomoaki Kado, Yae Ootsuka, Cindy H. Yamauchi
  • General Animation Director: Koji Haneda, Yae Ootsuka

— Persona 5 the Animation, 4Gamer