Persona 5 the Animation Leblanc Curry and Tokyo Skytree Collaboration Announced


Leblanc Curry Collaboration

During the latest edition of the monthly “Persona 5 the Animation Net Cafe Leblanc Attic Broadcasting Station #6” live stream on July 24th, officially branded Persona 5 the Animation curry was announced for release in Japan.

It will come in two editions: “Leblanc Curry (Mild)” and a Ren Amamiya made “Leblanc Curry (spicy).” The mild one will include a recipe card for Leblanc curry, while the spicy one will include a badge. Both will come with a serial code to obtain 500 points for “Persona O.A.

Reservations for this limited edition product, costing 1,200 yen (tax included), will start on the Aniplex+ website on August 5th.



Tokyo Skytree Collaboration

On July 27th, a Tokyo Skytree collaboration with Persona 5 the Animation was announced. Tokyo Skytree—the tallest tower in the world—is an observation and broadcasting tower, which also serves as a restaurant.

Unique character voices from the cast will be heard at the Persona 5 the Animation exhibits there from August 3 to September 29. Special merchandise featuring key art made for this collaboration will be available as well, and can be seen here.

The Skytree made an appearance on episode 17 of Persona 5‘s anime adaptation, as part of this collaboration.

— Persona 5 the Animation (1, 2)