Persona 5 the Animation Volume 11 Releasing on May 29, 2019, Box Art Revealed


Along with today’s “Dark Sun…” special episode broadcast, the reversible box art for the eleventh volume of the Blu-ray and DVD release for Persona 5 The Animation has been revealed.

Persona 5 the Animation Vol. 11 Cover Art

Featuring Ren Amamiya (Joker) and Goro Akechi (Black Mask) on the cover, illustrated by character designer Tomomi Ishikawa, volume 11 of Persona 5 the Animation will be released on May 29, 2019 in Japan.

Volume 11 will include the end-of-year special broadcast “Dark Sun…” + 1 as of yet unaired episode [unclear whether this is the “Stars and Ours” broadcast or something else].

This will be the penultimate volume, with there being a total of 12 volumes. Volume 10 will be released on March 27, 2019.

The limited edition release will include:

  • Illustrated reversible cover
  • 12,000 Persona Point code in the app “Persona O.A.”
  • Audio Commentary (information to come later)

Masquerade Party: Phantom Midnight

This volume will include footage from the “Masquerade Party: Phantom Midnight” staff event which took place in November 2018.

Product Details

  • Title: Persona 5 the Animation Volume 11
  • Price: 
    • DVD: 6,600 yen (excluding tax)
    • Blu-ray: 7,600 yen (excluding tax)
  • Release Date: May 29, 2019
  • Studio: Aniplex

Anime Staff

  • Story Draft: Katsura Hashino
  • Original Character Design: Shigenori Soejima
  • Demon Design Draft: Kazuma Kaneko
  • Director: Masashi Ishihama
  • Series Composition: Shinichi Inotsume
  • Character Design: Shinichi Inotsume
  • Music: Shoji Meguro
  • Production Company: CloverWorks

Persona 5 the Animation